Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Time to go: A Mingo Junction resident asked for help getting a woman and her dogs out of her home, Sunday. She said she let the woman stay with her for a couple weeks because she was in an abusive relationship and needed help, but since she’d been there said all the woman does is “sleep, eat and smoke week.” She said she’s had enough of her houseguest and her dogs, who she said “are destroying her house.” She put the woman’s belongings on her porch and told her she needs to leave, but said instead she started banging on her doors and windows. Deputies checked the area but couldn’t locate the woman.

Disturbance: A Wintersville man was charged with domestic violence after a disturbance at a residence he shared with his girlfriend, Sunday. Deputies were notified by a 911 operator that they could hear a male screaming at a female and the female screaming to let her go, and when they arrived at the residence the male told them they were just arguing verbally over “normal relationship problems” and insisted there was no physical violence or threats. The woman was inside crying, and told them he’s very manipulative and controlling and was upset because she has a medical issue and he expects her medical condition to just be “fixed.” She said he got upset because he thought she was recording him and tried to take her phone away, and when she retreated to an upstairs bedroom with her dog he followed, then began to “attack” her to get the phone. As they were fighting for control of the phone she said she bit his arms and neck and the dog tried to protect her, so he threatened to kill the animal by “snapping his neck.” Deputies said the woman’s neck was red and her arm was bruised and scratched. Taken into custody on a domestic violence charge was Carmine A. Lelli, 51, 18 Wildens Ave., Sunshine Park, Wintersville. Deputies said when he was arrested he became angry, “screaming about how (she) had bitten him.” The female told deputies she would have to pack her things to leave “because she is afraid of how he will be after being arrested.”

Sprayed: A Dillonvale woman said she was at the stop sign on Warren Street in Rayland when a white pickup doing donuts in a gravel lot sent a spray of gravel up, chipping the paint on her Toyota Rav 4, Sunday. She said the pickup had a large sticker in the window that had the word “passion” on it.

Steubenville police

Busy day: A Mingo Junction man was booked into the Jefferson County jail after three different interactions with police in a 24-hour period, Sunday. Ralph M. Manna, 56, no fixed address, was initially charged with public intoxication. Several hours later he was charged with having an open container, and then ended the day by being transported to the jail where he was booked in on an eight-hour intoxication hold and charged with disorderly conduct. Manna was located in the 200 block of North Seventh Street after several complaints but police were unable to find him. When they did locate him, they said he told police a friend was going to give him a ride, but five hours later he allegedly was causing problems at a South Seventh Street business. Employees said he was harassing them and refusing to leave, and police said he had a can of beer at his feet so they cited him for an open container violation. He was given a courtesy ride to Mingo Junction and advised it would be the last. Hours later, police responded to a disturbance at Trinity West involving Manna, who they allege was “loudly swearing at hospital staff and being passive aggressive” toward hospital personnel. He’d been transported to the hospital by EMS after Mingo Junction police gave him the choice of going to the hospital or going to jail. Police said he reeked of alcohol and said he admitted drinking four tall boys that evening and refused treatment. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Grabbed: A clerk at Fuel Mart said she was coming back to work after a break and a male near the counter grabbed her wrist and told her, “come here and let me holler at you,” Sunday. She told him she had a boyfriend and he replied, “I don’t give a (expletive).” She said he continued to grab at her arm but she pulled free and he left the store. A customer who witnessed the incident identified the man, she said.

Hot and cold: A woman said she allowed a male friend to stay because they were having a good night, but then he woke her up, Sunday. She said they argued because he was intoxicated and wouldn’t let her go back to sleep. He said everything was fine the previous night but in the morning, she became upset and started screaming for him to leave, then went to another apartment to get a friend to call police because he wouldn’t. He told police he was leaving. Police told him not to come back and he said he wouldn’t.

Concerned: A motorist flagged an officer down in the 500 block of Highland Avenue and reported seeing two females possibly involved in prostitution in the Flat’s park, Sunday. They said no one was in the parks area or in vehicles when officers arrived.

Lost: A North Seventh Street resident said he thinks he left his wallet on the counter at Family Dollar, and when he went back for it, it was gone, Sunday. The wallet contained $10 in cash, his identification and some non-essential cards, he said.

Booked: Crystal Hague, 36, Sunset Boulevard, warrant for failure to appear, Wintersville County Court, Sunday; Donald Eilander, 37, 403 Union Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Sunday.

Trespassing: Three men were seen entering an abandoned residence in the 1000 block of Claire Avenue, Sunday. Police said the front and back doors were open but no one was inside when they arrived.

Reported: Callers reported seeing juveniles breaking windows on Hermania Avenue at Railroad Avenue, Sunday. Officers walked the area and didn’t see any breakage.

Wells Township police

Booked: Brittany Merritt, 21, 305 Walden Ave., Tiltonsville, possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia, Monday; Alison Conaway, 29, 154 Union St., Mt. Pleasant, possession of drugs, possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia, Monday.


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