Police reports

Steubenville Police

Charged: A homeless man decided to urinate in the roadway, upsetting a family that happened to be passing by, Friday. The homeless man told police he had to urinate so he walked into an alley, but a man who happened to be driving by with his wife and children said the man had exposed himself in the middle of Pittsburgh Street near Welleseley Avenue. Otis Allen, 45, was charged with public indecency, police said.

Clean sweep: An Eve Drive resident hit her roommate with a broomstick, Friday. Police didn’t observe any injuries on the roommate.

In custody: Two people were taken into custody after a disturbance at a North Sixth Avenue residence, Saturday. Titania Jones, 36, said she was fighting with her boyfriend and he started throwing things, police said. They said she told them she was afraid of him and wanted to leave, but didn’t want to pursue charges. Police learned her boyfriend, Travis Scurry, 41, of 607 Highland Ave., was wanted on outstanding warrants but he’d already fled, then minutes later he was seen running back into the residence. He locked himself in and wouldn’t come out, and police said Jones told them he wasn’t there and refused to let them inside to search. She came out to speak with her parents, again telling police he wasn’t inside and refusing to let them search, but they said Scurry was spotted running out the back door. Officers said they caught up with him before the 900 block of Sherman Avenue. Scurry was charged with two counts of obstructing official business and served with the warrant for failure to appear, while Jones, 904 N. Sixth Ave., was charged with obstruction.

Stolen: A Lincoln Boulevard resident told police his former neighbor returned and stole his extension ladder while he was away, Saturday. He said his new neighbor advised that a man who identified himself as the man who used to live in the house she had just purchased asked her if he could look through the yard for tools he might have left behind. She said she and a friend were working inside the house but saw the man running from the neighbor’s back yard with the ladder, flip his back seats down and load it into his trunk. She said the man was driving a silver Honda Civic. Her neighbor had a picture of the license plate of the vehicle involved in the theft.

Grab’n go: A shoplifter snatched a six-pack of Natural Light and fled a Lincoln Boulevard store without paying, Saturday.

Happy mistake: Police were notified of a body downtown, but only found a man sleeping in an abandoned building, Sunday. He told police he hadn’t seen anyone, though they continued to search the area.

Bogus bill: The manager of a Sunset Boulevard business said a customer tried to pay for a meal with a counterfeit $20 bill, Friday. The customer paid with a different bill, and when police arrived told them a couple of days ago someone asked him to swap two $10s for the $20. He claimed he didn’t know who gave him the bogus bill. The counterfeit bill was seized.

Adults needed: A Sunset Avenue business manager told police a pack of juveniles continues to cause problems in her store after school lets out, Friday. Police were told the kids are no longer welcome inside the store unless accompanied by an adult. She said when she told the kids they needed to leave they told her it was because of their race, not because they couldn’t behave themselves.

Stay away: A Ridge Avenue resident told police he and his daughter were fighting because she wanted to bring her boyfriend into his home, Friday. He said he doesn’t want the man in his house because he has warrants for his arrest. His daughter doesn’t live with him, but he said she is welcome to come to his home anytime as long as she doesn’t bring the boyfriend.

Mean drunk: A man told a 911 dispatcher he was being kidnapped in a white Ford Focus, but beyond that was uncooperative with authorities Saturday. Police said they located several individuals arguing in the 400 block of South Sixth Street near a white Focus, one of them “highly intoxicated with a bloody mouth.” He continued to argue with the group standing in the street and then tried to charge a male standing on the porch, who advised they were cousins. He told them the drunken man and his girlfriend called him for a ride, but on the way back, the drunken man started punching him in the face and grabbing him on the head while he was driving. He said he had to defend himself, then once back at his residence told him he’d need to call a taxi to take him the rest of the way to West Virginia. Neither of them wanted to pursue charges, but the driver was advised to save dash cam footage he had of the altercation.

Grouchy: A Plum Street resident said her child and some other children accidentally tossed a ball into a neighbor’s yard and the neighbor began yelling at them and ordered them off her property, Friday. Police told them all to stay away from each other.

Bickering: Wilson Avenue residents who had a falling out are fighting about how loud the music is being played, Friday. Police said the woman playing the music said she was listening while she cleaned her side of the duplex, and said every time she turns it on her neighbor calls police and every time police leaves the neighbor puts country music on and turns it up even louder. Police told her to call the next time it happens. They also spoke with the other woman and urged her to be civil.

Trashed: Police were notified of a large amount of litter dumped over a hillside behind a business in the 4000 block of Sunset Boulevard, Friday. Police spoke with an employee who advised he would contact the dumpster company about the issue.

Booked: David R. Carpenter, 56, 816 N. Fourth St., Steubenville, bench warrant, Friday; Jonathan Harton, 37, 804 Highland Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Friday; Krystyna Brown, 28, 902 N. Sixth Ave., Steubenville, FTA probation violation, Saturday; Kevin Medley, 37, Oregon Avenue, Steubenville, probation violation, Friday.

Served: Maleah Fletcher, 31, 1112 Oak Grove Ave., Steubenville, bench warrant, Friday.

Cited: Esther J. Snyder, 73, 209 Canary Lane, Follansbee, assured clear distance ahead, Friday.

Hit-skip: A black Nissan sedan rear-ended a truck on Columbus Circle, then fled the scene, Saturday. The driver fled on Woodlawn Avenue to University Boulevard and was last seen on Wellesley Avenue, police said. The truck had a large dent and rear-end damage.

Jefferson County sheriff

Experiment over: An Island Creek township woman said she was having trouble getting a man she’d brought back with her from Florida to “straighten his life out” to move out, Friday. She said the two had been arguing all morning because he wakes up and does nothing but “talk about his old life and all of the illegal activities he used to” be involved in. She said he hasn’t changed his lifestyle and she doesn’t want him living with her, but he refuses to go to the homeless shelter. She said he gets “upset, irate, argumentative and even threatened to destroy property” inside her residence if she kicks him out. Since he hadn’t made any direct threats of physical violence to her, deputies said she’d have to pursue eviction or a protection order but when they talked to him, he agreed to go to the homeless shelter “until his godmother came and picked him up from Kentucky to take him back to Florida,” deputies said.

Threats: An Island Creek township woman said her ex showed up at her home, placed her in a choke-hold and threatened to kill her, Saturday. She said he choked her four or five times and threw her against a wall and on the ground then punched her in the mouth, throwing things at her and taking her phone away so she couldn’t call 911. She said he locked her in her room and shushed her when she tried to call a housemate to help her. The friend called 911 and he ran.

Trouble: A Steubenville man called 911 because he and his girlfriend of seven years were arguing and whenever they fight, she threatens to call police and say he raped her, Saturday. He told deputies he’s tired of her “mind games” and wants to “clear his name” of any allegations, and denied any physical violence or threats. He said she was in the process of packing her things and leaving and he was fine with that.

Concerned: A Jewett Road resident said her husband sent threatening texts during an argument, Friday. She said they’ve been having ongoing relationship issues, and a few weeks ago he kicked her in the face, then left the residence with a .40 caliber handgun.

Problematic: Eight juveniles who were kicked out of school for vaping, fighting, destroying property and assaulting teachers are now causing trouble on the buses carrying them to the Quest Center, April 6. The students ­– a 17-year-old, three 16-year-olds, two 14-year-olds and two 13-year-olds — are using profanity, vaping and otherwise being disruptive, deputies said.

Booked: Russell Whitaker, 49, Adena, probation violation, Friday.

Cross Creek police

Booked: Jason Linn, 50, Wintersville, domestic violence and possession of drugs (pending), Friday; David Holloway, 51, 129 Reichart Ave., Apt. 1, WIntersville, domestic violence, Friday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Joshua Morris, 37, 836 Lincoln Ave., Steubenville, unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under suspension, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug abuse instruments, Friday; Edward Robinson, 47, 78 13th St., Wheeling, DUI, OVI, driving under suspension, right of way.


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