Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Frequent flyers: An Amsterdam man who just returned from Tennessee decided to go back after a fight with his girlfriend, Thursday. The man told deputies every time he leaves his property at the house it gets stolen or damaged, and this time when he got home, he’d noticed the catalytic converter had been stolen from a car he’d left in the driveway.

When he pointed it out, he said the female started arguing with him and threatened to tell deputies he kicked in the door.

He said that hadn’t happened and told them out of self-preservation, he’d recorded the disagreement. He said he was going to go back to Tennessee, but wanted to be sure they didn’t need to talk to him first. Deputies told him that, given the number of times they’ve been called to the residence, leaving Jefferson County was a good idea.

Bad blood: Relations in a Dillonvale neighborhood took a turn for the worse, Thursday. Deputies said a woman had told them she’d been hit in the face, and when they got to the residence her husband told them he’d had a seizure and accidentally hit her in the forehead.

His wife said he’d been out walking along the property line looking for something when a neighbor walked up, grabbed his walking stick and tossed it aside, and during the ensuing argument he accidentally hit her.

The neighbor claims he was on his way out with his 11-year-old daughter when the other man started yelling at him and walking toward them in an aggressive manner, saying he was going to “end him.”

He said the female was trying to hold her husband back when her husband pulled a key chain out of his pocket that had a piece of rope and two ball bearings tied to it. He said the first time her husband swung it at him he clipped him in the forearm, but the second time it hit his wife.

He said the man’s wife then dragged him back in the house. The neighbor, who had a bruise on his stomach and a scratch on his arm, told deputies he wants to pursue charges.

Picture this: A Bloomingdale man whose wife said she caught him looking at pictures of another woman on his phone told deputies he locked her out of the house because he wants her to leave, Thursday.

The woman told officers she thinks her husband is cheating on her, so when she saw him looking at the woman’s picture, she tried to grab the phone out of his hand.

They struggled over it and in the process, she said she scratched one of his fingers but he wouldn’t let go so she grabbed his alcohol and took it outside to dump it out because she didn’t think he needed to drink any more. Her husband initially wouldn’t let deputies into the house but eventually relented, admitting he’d been drinking.

Wakeup call: A Mingo Junction woman told deputies she was awakened by her son shaking her and demanding money, Thursday. She said she had no money to give him so he drove off in a car she had recently purchased that wasn’t titled and had no plates. Deputies noted it’s been an ongoing problem with her son and advised her to file for a protection order.

Wells township took two males in custody following a bar fight at Third Base Bar, Rayland, Friday.

Booked: Robert Novak, 57, 87 state Route. 250, Adena, possession of drugs and violating a protection order, Thursday;

Steubenville police

Damaged: A North Sixth Street resident who’d left her car parked in front of her apartment while she worked the midnight shift at the hospital told police she returned home to find both passenger tires punctured, the side view mirror broken and her windshield shattered, Thursday. She told police she doesn’t know who would have done such a thing or why.

Happy dance: Callers reported a man acting strangely in the 200 block of Lake Erie Alley, Thursday. When they arrived on scene the male told them he’d just been released from jail and was dancing in the street to celebrate his freedom. Four hours later, police were dispatched to Tweed Avenue and McKinley Street after callers reported a male in the roadway. Once there, the man told officers he was taking his shoes off because his feet hurt and was on his way to a Tweed Avenue residence.

Police warned him if they kept getting calls about him, he’d be cited or charged, so he promised he’d find someplace to spend the night but a few minutes later callers reported a male in the roadway yelling and causing a disturbance.

They located Davis walking down the street and said he couldn’t stay with friends as planned because they got into a fight, so he’d left before police arrived.

He began to walk away, telling the officer to call for backup. He continued walking even after being told to desist. When a resident exited his home to see what the commotion was about, he allegedly began walking toward the individual, at which point police took him into custody.

Keep walking: A South Sixth Street resident told police she wanted her daughter removed from her home, Friday.

She said the younger woman had been staying at her place off and on but had arrived Thursday evening with a friend and both appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The daughter was told to leave and not return.

More trouble: Police were notified that a man already in custody at the Jefferson County jail was wanted in Alexandria, Va., on a felony charge, Thursday. Brian L. Colbert, 20, 1311 Fox Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa., was booked as a fugitive from justice.

Cited: Donnell Demetri Gaskins, 23, 1435 Oak Grove, Steubenville, no operator’s license and having a prohibited vehicle on the roadway, Thursday. Callers reported a motorcycle accident in the 1300 block of Oak Grove. Police said Gaskins was lying in the roadway, complaining of leg pain, and reportedly he told them he was riding the bike when he lost control because he was going too fast.

The motorcycle was nowhere to be found, and they said Gaskins told them his family had taken it.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of a properties at 100 Opal Blvd., 449 Westwood Drive, both for high grass.

Cited: Jesse B. Broering, 21, 5831 state Route 119 St., Henry, Ohio, assured clear distance ahead; Raymond Scott Sutto, 61, 1143 Lincoln Ave., Steubenville, assured clear distance ahead.

Booked: Doris J. Arnold, 37, 1750 Blosser Lane, Follansbee, possession of drugs and a bench warrant for failure to appear, Thursday; Ryan Lee Miller, 36, 3744 Main St., Apt. 215, Main St., bench warrants out of city and county courts, Thursday; Jon Davis, 51, no fixed address, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, Thursday; Oscar D. Bickerstaff, 26, 419 McKee St., Steubenville, bench warrant, Thursday; Ann E. Morrison, 43, 150 Rex Ave., Wintersville, possession of drug paraphernalia and petit theft, Thursday; and Misty Klepack, 38, 216 Elmer Ave., Weirton, petit theft and a bench warrant for failure to appear, Thursday; Stacy Shebovsky, 30, 1923 Columbia Ave., Steubenville, two counts of failure to appear, Thursday.

Toronto police

Booked: Leslie Meridith, 31, 1322 N. RIver Ave., Toronto, failure to appear, Thursday.


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