Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bad judgment: A Wintersville woman called 911 after her partner allegedly grabbed her gun and loaded it during an argument, Thursday. The caller said they’d argued earlier in the day so she left, only returning late in the day when her partner came to bring her home. She said her partner “appeared intoxicated,” and when the arguing resumed she said her partner threatened her and they “tussled around.” She said when her partner grabbed her purple handgun and put the magazine in, she left and called 911. Her partner told the officer he could find the loaded handgun under the driver’s seat. Deputies said Dakia Simone Brewer, 32, 161 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, was charged with domestic violence and having a weapon while intoxicated.

Charged: An Irondale man has been charged with being behind the wheel of a van that struck a Stratton residence Sunday, damaging the foundation. Lee Tyler Burke-Reed, 31, 15963 state Route 213, Irondale, has been charged with vandalism and criminal damaging, deputies said. The owner of the house, located in the 600 block of Sixth Street, had said she and a family member felt the house shake and when they investigated, saw photos that had fallen off the wall and tire tracks in the yard.

The porch foundation was cracked, as were walls and ceilings. Deputies had recovered vehicle debris left behind after the cash.

Unresponsive: A woman called 911 after she woke up and realized her boyfriend was struggling to breathe in Adena, Thursday. The caller told deputies she found him on the floor of their Sycamore Street residence, unresponsive, so she administered Narcan. When first responders arrived, he was alert and refused treatment, telling deputies he’d taken a percocet and telling the medical personal he’d used heroin.

He refused further treatment; a second caller reported an overdose Thursday at a residence on Main Street. A family member discovered the victim, unresponsive, and administered Narcan. The man told deputies he’d snorted “a small amount of heroin” and didn’t have any more.

Steubenville police

Asked to leave: A woman in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue said she let a friend who’d been drinking stay at her place on Thursday to sober up, and at some point he became maudlin, asking her if she loved him.

When she told him no, they argued and she made him leave. Not long after, he crawled back in the residence through an unlocked side window.

Once inside, she said they physically fought. She eventually was able to push him out the door and he left before police arrived. The woman had a small abrasion on the right side of her face next to her eye.

Blame game: A woman in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue fighting with her landlord about a water leak claimed her bathroom sink “just fell off the wall” on Thursday. Officers said the sink appeared to have been broken from the wall, and water was dripping down through the ceiling.

Hands off: Someone used a sharp object to damage the paint Thursday on a vehicle parked at 500 Market St. Police said the damage extended from front to back and was done in a curved pattern, “as if done by hand.”

Charged: A woman tried to leave Kroger on Thursday with a shopping cart full of beauty products and pet items valued at $237 without paying for them. Dawn Hanlin, 52, 2339 Chestnut St., Steubenville, was charged with petty theft, criminal trespassing, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hanlin allegedly told police she had a glass crack pipe in her purse but didn’t tell them about a piece of foil containing .05 grams of crack officers said they found on her person when she was searched at the jail. Kroger personnel said Hanlin was under a lifetime ban from their properties.


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