Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Packing up: A man in Mingo Junction who thought his wife wanted to leave him was upset to find a bag of his wife’s clothes in their car Thursday after she told him she didn’t know where they were, deputies said. The man denied laying hands on his wife after he found the clothes, but she told deputies he shoved her to the floor and knocked her phone out of her hand. When another family member picked it up, he allegedly put that individual in a chokehold until they dropped it. She claimed he’d been verbally abusive for the past two weeks, so she’d packed her clothes to leave, but feared his reaction.

Grumpy: Rayland residents complained about a neighbor revving his engine at 1:30 a.m. Friday, deputies said. The offending driver told them he was moving vehicles around and his pickup got stuck on the ice in the middle of Jefferson Street, and revved his engine to try and get it out of the roadway. He told deputies with all the snow piled on the side of the road, it was hard to get it moving.

Lockout: An Amsterdam woman said her boyfriend assaulted her and locked her out of the house, Thursday. She told deputies when she came home, he accused her of cheating on him and grabbed her by the shirt, shoving her against a wall before pushing her out the door and locking it. He said she’d been gone all day and night, then came home and accused him of stealing a phone he didn’t have. He said he kicked her out because she was acting crazy.

Conflicted: A Mingo Junction woman claimed her father assaulted her and held a gun to her Wednesday, deputies said. Officers said the woman told them her father had punched her, busting her lip, but when she rolled her bottom lip down to show them, they said it was a little red but not bleeding and the injury did not appear to have been caused by being struck in the face. Her father told officers she’d been angry with him because he took exception to her bringing a man home in the middle of the night, saying he’d agreed to let her stay at his house temporarily but did not agree to her bringing anyone to his home. Due to the lack of evidence and conflicting evidence, deputies said the information would be forwarded to the prosecutor for review which angered the woman, who deputies said began behaving erratically and started arguing with them. When they told her to gather her things and leave the residence, officers said she became more argumentative. Deputies said they warned her three times she would be charged with obstruction if she didn’t comply, but she continued to argue and refused to leave.

Arrested: Jonathan Lee Meyers, 38, 123 Comet Ave., Mingo Junction, was taken into custody Thursday on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment.

Arrested: Miranda Burch, 39, 710 Hickory St., Martins Ferry, failure to appear – contempt, Thursday.

Steubenville police

Slip sliding: A driver turning into the parking lot near Planet Fitness said he slid into a parked vehicle Thursday. The driver side front end of both vehicles were damaged.

Stolen: Someone stole the catalytic converters from three buses parked at Prime Time, Thursday.

Fled: Police said a blue Dodge Dakota fleeing the scene of an accident in Mingo Junction Thursday at a high rate of speed, headed north on state Route 7.

Ripped: Two people said items were stolen from a car parked at Franciscan Square, Thursday. Five bags of items recently purchased from Goodwill containing butterfly lights, a cross that hangs from the rear-view mirror, DVDs, CDs and sunglasses.

Cited: Karli N. Sutton, 30. 3704 Marlamont Way, Weirton, failure to yield.

Arrested: Deandre Davon Banks, 22, 401 Dresden Ave., Apt. 4, Steubenville, charged with driving under suspension Thursday; Rodney Stevenson, 47, 224 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, operating a vehicle under the influence, Thursday; Austin Egnew, 26, 212 Parr Ave., Mingo Junction, contempt, Thursday; Rachelle Walker, 31, no fixed address, Weirton, falsification, Thursday; Brett Cork, 32, 458 S. Fifth St., Steubenville, failure to appear, Thursday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Arrested: Rhys William, 35, 6 Morningside Drive, Wintersville, charged Thursday with operating a vehicle under the influence, felony OVI, fictitious plates, no seat belt, failure to comply with a police officer and no taillight.


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