Get to bottom of North Carolina vote

The alleged fraud that has clouded the outcome of a congressional election in North Carolina means that the 116th Congress takes their seats under a Democratic majority with at least one seat vacant.

For now, that’s appropriate. The new House Majority Leader, Democrat Steny Hoyer of Maryland, noted that the results of the Nov. 6 election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District have not been certified because of the ongoing election fraud investigation.

The election fraud controversy in North Carolina is turning into a circus that will only serve the interests of cynical political operatives.

The most recent developments suggest that an elections board won’t be empaneled until Jan. 31.

Getting to a full and fair accounting of this election with all due urgency is important. But more important is that the process is thorough, transparent, and painstaking. Only if that is the case will the voters of North Carolina and the country have confidence that the state’s congressional delegation wasn’t elected by fraud.

The Blade