Waggoner, Eakles set the IC bar

Coming into the 2017 season and all throughout, Indian Creek coach Andrew Connor made it known that he thought the offensive line was a strength of his team.

It’s only fitting that one of his senior lineman, Andy Waggoner, was one of three Redskins to be named to the first-team Division III East District All-Star list. In addition to being a key piece of the offensive line, he contributed 13 solo tackles, 12 assists, three tackles for a loss and a sack on defense.

“He’s been a great kid for us for four years,” Connor said. “He displayed everything that we like at Indian Creek. He was hard-nosed, played hard on every play and was a good role model to the other kids. He was a dependable kid, and that’s what you look for in an offensive lineman.”

The next Redskins first-teamer, senior wide receiver Devin Eakle, set a school record and led the Herald-Star/Daily Times coverage area in receptions with 53 for 712 yards and six touchdowns. He was a key piece of the Redskins defense as well, compiling 31 solo tackles, 15 assists, one tackle for loss, a pair of interceptions and a pair of fumble recoveries.

“Devin was a great two-way player for us,” Connor said. “He was someone that liked to fill the holes for us at safety. At wide receiver, he was a great player for us, ending up setting a school record. He contributed a lot to our football program.”

Another key piece of the Creek defensive unit that pitched five shutouts was Devin’s twin brother Devon Eakle, the third Redskin to make first team. He recorded 35 solo tackles, 32 assists, four tackles for loss, a sack, two interceptions, a forced fumble and two recovered fumbles. He was the Redskins second receiving threat, hauling in 33 passes for 422 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

“He filled holes for us and played very well defensively,” Connor said. “He used great athleticism to make plays. He was our second leading receiver, too. A lot of the same things I said about his brother also apply to him.”

Connor’s club had two players qualify for second team, starting with the quarterback who delivered the passes to the Eakle brothers all season. Junior Brennon Norris finished with a school record 2,010 passing yards and was the top passer in the area. He completed 159-of-267 passes and threw for 14 touchdowns with six interceptions.

“He helped us convert ourselves and go through a little bit of a transition from run first to more of a balanced kind of offense,” Connor said. “As the year went on, he got better and better at running our offense and developed very well for us. He became the leader of our offense.”

Also making second team was junior defensive end Logan Wilson. He compiled 24 solo tackles, 26 assists, 11 tackles for loss, seven sacks and a fumble recovery.

“Logan is that guy that when you watch film, no one at any point questions if he’s taking a play off. From the start to the finish of a football game, he’s giving 100 percent on every play,” Connor said. “Whether he’s banged up or injured, you always see Logan’s engine going. He plays with all kinds of energy and passion, and he is somebody that’s a defensive leader for us.”

Division III

First Team


Quarterbacks: Andrew Newsom, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-10, 154, sr.; Baron May, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 175, so.; Alec Sayre, Dover, 6-0, 210, jr.

Running Backs: Kye Crowthers, New Philadelphia, 5-11, 170, sr.; Caine Martin, Zanesville, 5-8, 200, sr. Ends: Brayden Chaney, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-10, 160, sr.; Devin Eakle, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 175, sr.; Sam Zemis, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 175, so.; Kaden Folkert, Dover, 5-11, 160, sr.; Dre Hess, Dover, 5-11, 170, sr.; Blayze Taylor, Zanesville, 5-11, 165, jr.

Linemen: Andy Waggoner, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-1, 220, sr.; Kyler Hooper, Zanesville Maysville, 6-2, 310, jr.; Kaden Lawler, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-11, 200, jr.; Dugan May, New Philadelphia, 6-5, 280, sr.; Ike Gilt, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-0, 250, jr.

Placekicker: Chase Dinan, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-11, 165, sr.


Linemen: Kris Mesaros, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-9, 167, sr.; Will Jerrells, Zanesville, 5-11, 200, sr.; Zack Hawk, Dover, 6-3, 275, sr.; Colton Meeks, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 255, sr.

Linebackers: Josh Baldridge, West Holmes, 6-0, 180, jr.; Dayton Robin, Dover, 6-1, 195, sr.; Caleb Robins, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 166, sr.; Nathan Lawler, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-5, 215, sr.

Backs: Devon Eakle, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 180, sr.; Alec Preston, New Philadelphia, 5-11, 170, sr.; Jake McLoughlin, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-6, 195, sr.; Ian Sexton, Dover, 6-0, 170, jr.

Punter: Chase Kendrick, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-0, 215 jr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Andrew Newsom, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Defensive Player of the Year: Nathan Lawler, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Coach of the Year: Matt Dennison, New Philadelphia.

Second Team


Quarterbacks: Brennon Norris, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 160, jr.; Bridger Cline, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-10, 170, jr.; Connor Sidwell, Zanesville Maysville, 6-2, 185, sr.; Ben Everson, Zanesville, 5-11, 161 so.

Running Backs: Carson Jarrett, Zanesville Maysville, 6-1, 200, sr.; Gavin Sheldon, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-11, 190, jr.

Ends: Kyler Folkert, Dover, 5-11, 165, jr.; Shane Jones, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-1, 195, jr.; Jelanie Walker, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 150, sr.; Greg Nolder, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-1, 208, sr.

Linemen: Kaden Watts, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 205, sr.; Aaron Jadwin, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-0, 242, sr.; Jeremiah Hollins, Zanesville, 5-11, 276, jr.

Placekicker: Jack Deneher, Dover, 6-3, 195, jr.; Storm Elsesser, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 155, sr.


Linemen: Logan Wilson, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-9, 180, jr.; Dalton Warne, Zanesville Maysville, 6-2, 220, sr.; Austin Ward, Dover, 6-2, 285, jr.

Linebackers: Austin Kohl, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 185, so.; Caden Mercer, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 215, jr.; Grady Hay, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-10, 160, jr.; Cale Ogi, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-1, 210, jr.

Backs: Dallas Rowland, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 185, sr.; Slade Norris, Zanesville, 5-9, 150, jr.; Jackson Hutras, Dover, 5-11, 175, sr.