Teams join for cancer awareness event

STEUBENVILLE – A good cause has a tendency to bring people together.

That was the case Saturday as eight local soccer teams took part in a quadrupleheader at Harding Stadium in support of breast cancer awareness.

Four of the five boys’ soccer teams in Jefferson County took part in the first-time event, while all four girls’ soccer teams in the county participated.

In Saturday’s games, on the boys’ side, Big Red scrimmaged Edison, while Catholic Central played Indian Creek.

Big Red shut out the Wildcats, 5-0.

“This is a great event,” Big Red (8-4-2) head coach Greg Bowers said. “To see all four schools come together today says a lot about the community.

“Steubenville City Schools has been outstanding from the board, to the administration, to the staff, to the students and the parents.”

Edison (0-14) head coach Chris Bomely said he is happy the Wildcats were able to be a part of the event.

“Indian Creek head coach Jonathan Hoover put this together,” Bomely said. “I talked to him during scheduling, and he said he wanted to do this. We wanted to be a part of this.

“We didn’t do anything last year. Indian Creek had a game. Big Red had a game. We wanted to do something like they did.”

Bowers said the event is something they want to continue to have in the future.

“It is definitely a great event,” he said. “We would love to have it next year. The support from the Steubenville community and the other communities has been great.”

“It was a fantastic day,” Indian Creek (7-8) head coach Jonathan Hoover said. “A lot of people came out to support this. All of the schools came together. It was a special day. I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

Catholic Central (13-1-1) head coach Steve Kopcha said his team wanted to be a part of the special event.

“Naturally, we wanted to be a part of it,” he said. “Indian Creek did something last year. They were the ones behind it. They approached us about playing today. Jonathan took the lead, and we followed his lead.

On the girls’ side, Big Red played city-rival Catholic Central, while Edison played Indian Creek.

“I love this,” Catholic Central (6-5-3) head coach David LaRue said. “All of the credit for this goes to Jonathan Hoover, the head boys’ coach at Indian Creek. I think this was his idea originally. Mitzi Probert coordinated this. A parent from each school was involved in this. Suzanne Bodo helped out for us. I got a lot of correspondence and emails from her. A lot of people put in a lot of good work for a good cause. You play a game, but this is all for a bigger thing.”

Big Red (6-7-1) head coach Jared Robinson said Saturday’s event was a special one.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “It is great to see all of the support. It is great to see the crowds and the student sections. There is a lot of awareness through the announcements. People came together for a good cause. It is great for the sport. It is great for the teams in our area. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

“I like it,” Edison (8-4-1) head coach Jeremy Angelo said. “It is a nice thing. Some teams have more pink than others. Our girls had pink socks. They had black shirts, black shorts and pink socks. They liked it.

“It is a good event for a good cause. It is a good thing for all four schools to come together.

“At the OVAC meeting, I was told, ‘you have to schedule a game on this day.’ I said, ‘OK.’ They told me what it was for, and I liked it.

“Give Big Red a lot of credit for putting this on. The Indian Creek boys’ coach was really involved in this. I got a lot of emails from him.

“Anytime you can raise money for cancer and help raise awareness for breast cancer that is a good thing.”

The Indian Creek girls enjoyed playing in the event.

“It is really nice,” first-year Indian Creek (3-9-1) head coach Jessica Bennett said. “There was a good turnout. It is for a good cause. I am glad that they have had a good turnout.”

Hoover said he wanted to thank everyone involved with the event.

“I want to thank all of the volunteers,” Hoover said. “I want to thank Mitzi Probert, Melanie DiCarlo, Amanda Harris and Suzanne Bodo. I want to thank all of the people who worked today, and I want to thank all of the schools for participating.”

Bowers said he wanted to thank official Mike Vuchenich for donating his pay to the event as well as Bob Evans restaurant. The restaurant was a major sponsor for the event.

Bowers said they raised more than $7,000.

The organizers also wanted to thank Steubenville City Schools for all it provided at no cost. They also wanted to thank Indian Creek for running the event. All of the monetary stuff was handled by the Indian Creek Athletic Boosters.

The organizers also wanted to thank Trinity Health Systems as well as the Bulldog Rack Company. They also wanted to thank the Big Red Football Moms for use of the concession stand.

Finally, the organizers wanted to thank the teams for all of the support and everyone else who helped it in making the event possible.