MMA action to be held at Spot Bar

STEUBENVILLE – The Ohio Valley MMA Heavyweight Amateur Championship will be held Saturday at the Spot Bar.

Thirteen amateur cage fights are scheduled to be held with the main event being Steubenville Big Red graduate Branko Busick taking on Curt Lemmon.

Seats are $400 for VIP table, $40 for ringside and $20 for general admission.

First fight begins at 7 p.m. Order of the card has yet to be determined and the card is subject to change.

“When I was 7, Brandon Hinkle came into my life and he’s been a big brother ever since,” said Busick.

“During wrestling seasons in middle school and high school he would show me some submission moves and boxing moves.

“I love competing and this reminds me a lot of wrestling. I have been fortunate that I have been able to compete in this and, so far, it has been working out great.

“Plus, this training helps me tremendously with football. When I’m in the trenches fighting with offensive linemen I’m using my hands and this training and fighting really works well with it.”

Busick has had three fights and will take on Lemmon, who will be in his seventh.

“I’ve had a chance to see him,” said Busick. “He’s a tough kid. I can see he has natural ability. He has heavy hands and is not afraid to slug. He expects to come in and win this belt and I would hope he expects me to do the same.”

After the fight, Busick is headed to California University, where he will be back in a football uniform.

“When I am done with this, I really plan to focus strictly on football,” he said. “Hopefully I still got it.”

The scheduled fights are:

Bud Hercules vs. Timothy Emely; Steve Stocker vs. Stevie Allen; Desmond Ford vs. Eric Bledsoe; Pat Nary vs. Joseph Sadaka; J.D. Ramsey vs. Joshua Smith; Dustin Bertch vs. Cortez Thelia; Jackson Hendershot vs. Terry Smith; David Oracio Jr. vs. Allen Hoelzle; Matthew Reilman vs. Freddie Musgrave; Chris Humes-Mitchell vs. Joe Goyette; Zach Forrester vs. Victor Guarriello and Bobby Mader vs. Matt Conahan.

“We look forward to having a great crowd,” said Busick. “We hope to see everyone come out, have a good night and enjoy the fights. There’s going to be a lot of good competition.”