OVAC tournament games shifted due to weather

A snow storm wiped out Monday’s entire slate of the Wheeling Hospital Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Girls’ Basketball Tournament games.

The plan, for the moment, is for three of the quarterfinal games to be played today and the remaining seven Wednesday, according to tournament director Rick DeLuca.

The consolation games are in flux, as today also marks the cutoff date for next week’s boys’ tournament, meaning a full night of boys’ games has already been scheduled.

”It’s not so much the games,” DeLuca said, ”but there’s only so many officials.

“You have those 10 more games, and you throw those on 20 more boys’ games and you’re going to start running into problems.”

Many Ohio Valley officials work boys’ and girls’ games, so supply could fall short of demand.

DeLuca said some schools were looking at the possibility of playing the girls’ games in front of the boys’ games and canceling the scheduled jayvee games.

At this point, all avenues are being discussed.

With more snowfall in the forecast, there’s a possibility this problem could persist. Not to fear though, the OVAC is the type of organization that has contingency plans for its contingency plans.

In this case, if the semfinals are wiped out, they’ll take the top seeds and move on to Saturday’s championship games at Ohio University Eastern.

In the unlikely event they don’t get any games in, the No. 1 seeds in all five classes would be crowned champions. That’s customary in all OVAC tournaments.

”If we get more horrible weather, that’s the way it would go,” DeLuca said.

There is no leeway here as far as rescheduling. The Ohio girls’ sectionals begin next week.