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Will Ohio eventually legalize marijuana?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Feb-15-14 1:49 PM

Some IDIOT'S think its legal now. They like to say its no worst than alcohol.

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Feb-16-14 10:06 AM

Marijuana has scientifically proven medical purposes as evidenced by the fact the US government applied for and holds the patent for medicinal cannabanoids. Alcohol on the other hand serves no medicinal purpose whatsoever. Alcohol destroys the body not to mention it its highly physically addictive. Alcohol has some of the most difficult withdrawal symptoms to overcome. Marijuana has no physical withdrawal symptoms. Our entire "War on Drugs" is a mistake. We're wasting time, resources, and billions of dollars. The US houses more "criminals" than any other country solely due to the war on drugs. So much so that there are not proper resources to house actual violent criminals because for some reason those like yourself feel better knowing an 18 year old kid who smokes marijuana is in prison instead of the violent criminals who actually pose a threat to the community. It is not uncommon to see alcoholics among our homeless because again alcoholism wreaks havoc in one's

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Feb-16-14 10:15 AM

life whereas you'll NEVER find a Marijuana user who has lost everything due to smoking Marijuana. Marijuana can save lives, there is no context in which alcohol can be depended upon for it's medicinal qualities to save a life because alcohol has none. No one has ever overdosed on Marijuana yet there are thousands of people each year admitted to ER's across this country due to alcohol poisoning of which many end up dying. I shouldn't even have to bring up the number of deaths per year due to drunk driving, it's a given. Lastly, the entire reason Marijuana is even outlawed is because the Dr. testifying to Congress said, and I quote "Marijuana will cause white women to seek out relations with *****es". Your misunderstanding of Marijuana arises out of the convoluted paranoia of a crackpot Dr. To put it simply our government didn't know what they were doing then and still don't know being Marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug and they also hold the patent for medicinal cannabanoid

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Feb-16-14 10:18 AM

In order for a drug to be scheduled as a class 1 drug there has to be no known medicinal qualities which we already know is NOT the case. Once again our government contradicts itself. How can you so readily believe in a government that doesn't even believe in it's self? Do your own research!

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Feb-17-14 9:41 AM

RSimpson, here are some qustions for you.

What benefit does a person get from smoking marijuana that cannot be had by taking the drug in pill form?

Is there a test for intoxication that is accurate enough to be used within hours of drug use?

How high (pun intended) will your auto insurance rates rise?

Can you prove that nobody has lost everything due to marijuana use? I know of lots of people that have been fired and lost their job after failing a drug screening.

According to your examples, cocaine should also be legal especially since it was used in dentistry and other medical treatments.

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