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Do you think Chris Christie had a role in the closing of highways to exact political retribution?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-09-14 2:58 PM

From his reputation of being a thin skinned thug, I figure he did. It sounds like people under him took the bullet for him. Unless someone squeals or they find an e-mail it will get away with it.

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Jan-09-14 7:58 PM

The fact that Christie appointed aides who laugh at and mock human suffering shows he is an authentic Republican.

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Jan-10-14 10:17 AM

Did you bother to listen to him speak yesterday? Christie is a honorable politician and nowhere near a thug. He's passionate about helping the people but to call him a thug is nothing more than word-play used by Dems. Let me ask a question, why is it that Democrats can't run an election campaign or anything else without the main focal being bashing and blaming Republicans for all the problems in this country? Republicans can and do tout themselves, first and only point out the obvious shortcomings of their opponents but it's never the basis of any of their campaigns. If Dems can't trust in themselves, how can the people? Bill Clinton is a Dem and was impeached for lying about. Obama is a Dem and has lied to the American people. Clinton was impeached for less, by my account Dems are the problem. Entitlements are now out of hand being a person can make more money per year collecting entitlements than working a full-time minimum wage job. Dems are solely to blame for this.

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Jan-10-14 10:25 AM

TANF is the cash assistance from welfare it stand for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. I fully support welfare programs, I think they're necessary however I do not support someone making a career out of welfare. Every city across this nation has been faced with funding cuts so those who receive assistance should be required to work so many hours per month to receive their cash assistance. Obama will also have to work on getting our jobs back here in the US so these people have a job to go to. Blaming everything on Republicans is an old tactic and frankly, people are tired of hearing it. If we don't have enough to support ourselves and we're borrowing from countries like China we need to re-evaluate programs. Harry Reid, a DEM, used a back-door rule to get ACA passed, if Republicans had done something like that it would be a war waged by Dems.

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Jan-10-14 1:01 PM

This is not a republican or democrat thing. It's just corruption within the system. Just like many points the finger of responsibility to Obama as the POTUS, The same should apply to Christie since he is the Governor of his state. He hired them (school mates, etc.). It is what it is.

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