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Are you surprised that demand for Obamacare is high?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Oct-07-13 9:24 AM

@EB President Obama has publicly blamed the shutdown on John Boehner as if he single-handily brought the government to a halt. In my opinion Obama is the president and is ultimately at fault for everything that happens under his presidency. It is the President's job to unite the people which he has failed miserably at. Republicans have tried and tried to responsibly negotiate the obvious pitfalls in the ACA. Obama has publicly said "I will NOT negotiate" yet as of now Mr. Obama has changed his tune and agreed to negotiate with house Republicans. Don't you agree that if Obama had agreed to and actually did responsibly negotiate this in the first place then the shutdown could have been avoided? Politicians being "loyal" to a specific political party is getting out of hand and old. What happened to being loyal to America and Americans? Technically, I'm a Republican but my gosh, I'm about to the point where I think it'd be best to abolish parties altogether.

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Oct-07-13 9:11 AM

I completely agree, this question is highly misleading and is in the usual fashion of the coward media machine. I, myself, went to the webpage but went solely out of curiosity not because I agree or support it as did most others I'm sure. I love how the media doesn't like to touch on the fact that those who did sign up, signed up through a fatally-flawed system and with the wrong pricing. @EB, I have grown to respect your opinion however I don't agree with you here. Our economy nor our healthcare system is a toy to be played with. Our founding fathers ensured there was a system of checks and balances so the American people wouldn't be at the mercy of a tyrannical president. I'm not saying Obama himself if tyrannical although he does often ignore what the people want to pursue his own agenda. We're at war in the middle east, our economy is still horrid, and our healthcare system is outright frightening, we need a president who can unite the American people.

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Oct-06-13 4:25 PM

Most people here are on medicare anyway and they still don't want people insured. My thought is that I would want to see how the system works or fail. Any reasonable person would be that open minded.

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Oct-06-13 9:10 AM

High demand? What? You would have to show me proof that demand for that sham of a program is high. Your question is 100% misleading. Many states have had 0% interest, and most people are sickened by the high cost when they finally get to the purchase page after enrolling. High demand!!! Give me a friggin break!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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