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Do you agree with a study suggesting the world is becoming a safer place?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-29-13 11:54 PM

names like whitey, cracker, and so forth. This young man was a good kid and had a very bright future ahead of him. He's now in his very early 30s and is doing very well for himself with a full-time career, not a job, but a career. As long as these thugs consider getting an education and a career a "white" or "lame" thing to do, they're going to become dependent upon the government to take care of them after living a life of "hustling" aka crime and drugs. Not to mention the government will more than likely be taking care of their children as well. Again, I'll have to reiterate this, I'm not meaning solely Blacks but all Whites, Chinese, Mexicans, etc. who are leading a "gangsta" lifestyle. This culture and the over-medicating of individuals are the sole causes of the majority of violent crimes committed in this country. It's a shame I'm labeled a racist simply because I'd like to see every young child grow up, do well in school, go on to college

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Sep-29-13 11:24 PM

@EB You're missing my point entirely. Yes the older adults in the 50s-60s did demonize rock music however the crime rate did not represent their fears accurately. "Gangster Rap" is the genre most often chosen by these street thugs. I'm not pointing the finger at the African American race as a whole or even solely. Thug idiots come in all races but the majority are African American. Come on and get it over with, label me a racist, which couldn't be further from the truth. I challenge you to name any neighborhood in this area which is predominately any race other than African American in which the violent crime is just as bad as it is on the hilltop, projects, etc. You can't! Stop ignoring the reality of the situation and start making a difference. Help them realize how important it is to get an education. You know, ironically, enough I've personally witnessed a group of thugs heckling a young black man, saying things like "Why you trying to be white" and calling him

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Sep-29-13 12:43 PM

Rsimpson, I was with you for the first couple of sentences and then you kind of went totally off base. Crime is not based on the kind of music one listens to nor where they live. In the 50s-60s they said R/Roll was dangerous. Did you believe that? This world is no longer safe because of our moral decline and that is not limited to music or neighborhoods. People of today have lost the value of life and what it means.

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Sep-29-13 8:54 AM

Apparently the people who conducted this "study" either live on a deserted island all by themselves or are completely stupid. Back in the 50s-60s it was not nearly as unsafe as it is now to walk down the street at night. There weren't mass killings like there are now but then again back then the healthcare system wasn't pumping mass amounts of powerful physiatric drugs down everyone's throat either. Now a days, there's a diagnosis and pill for everything not to mention the morals, standards, and values of our society lowers with each passing year. As the popularity of the "gangsta" culture grows so does the amount of violent crimes. There's a direct correlation, only a fool would ignore it. Country, Pop, or Rock doesn't encourage violent nor criminal behavior only rap does. It's not a coincidence only those neighborhoods whose inhabitants listen primarily to rap are plagued by overwhelming violent crime. The writing is on the wall!!

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