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Will council select a Steubenville city manager Saturday?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-12-13 8:59 PM

Only they know if they'll make a decision this weekend, we have no way of knowing what they're thinking or doing. The question that should be asked is why do we even have a city manager when we only have around 18,000 people? I think Steubenville would be more efficiently served by a strong-council variation which is most common in small towns anyway.

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Sep-12-13 10:58 PM

I agree but in order to do so you have to get some education requirements to be on council. You cannot have drunk beer salesman, senile old men and mill workers running a city.

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Sep-13-13 8:13 AM

I want to know WHY there is an interview on a Saturday? Who is so important that individuals will be getting paid to "interview" a candidate. If the candidate could not be internviewed during the week, what does that tell you about their status? Obviously priorities are not in the place. The city does not need a city manager, but a STRONG Mayor and Council...

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Sep-13-13 10:13 PM

I believe the mayor and council is a salaried position so they don't get paid for working weekends. And, for the record, I believe the Mayor's salary is like $4,000. Point being, I don't think they're getting rich of those jobs.

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Sep-14-13 11:45 AM

Cathy Davison's salary was a lot more than $4,000. According the this very paper in an article entitled "City Manager search under way" it stated: "According to the terms of employment authorized by council, Davison started at an annual salary of $90,000 with job performance evaluations set for Sept. 15, 2010, and then on March 15, 2012, and 2013.". That's way too much for that position anyway, in my opinion. If Mucci can continually step in and act as manager why wouldn't the city eliminate the position all together and go with a strong mayor? If Mucci is good enough to depend on routinely, he is good enough to depend on permanently. Obviously, his salary would need adjusted however this can save the city money and help the residents by us being able to vote for who is making decisions,

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Sep-14-13 11:46 AM

@EB, This is one of the times, I am in complete agreement with you.

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Sep-15-13 12:58 PM

I do believe that the Saturday interview was set by Council, not the prospective candidates, because they are attempting to adhere to the hiring timeline.

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