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Will the federal health care law eventually be repealed?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-06-13 11:23 AM

@EB In my opinion Republicans are who has saved us from jumping completely off the financial cliff. Obama isn't that bad but he does have a serious issue with spending. We need "handout" programs like foodstamps, medicare, social security, etc. It is our responsibility to help out less fortunate Americans however we do need to crack down hard on welfare fraud. We also need to crackdown on hospitals overcharging for simple things like tylenol. I was in a car wreck and charged $1,300 for an ambulance to take me 5 1/2 miles. I asked for an itemized list for my attorney and realized I was charged $275 for a disposable ice pack. I don't know what it cost but I do know I can go to Wal-MArt and buy a nice ice pack for $5 so there is no way a disposable ice pack cost them $275. One tylenol is almost $100. There is no reason to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for procedures.

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Aug-06-13 7:32 AM

Rsimpson - I can't believe that I am in agreement with 99 percent of your last comment :) I only disagree with the POTUS reaching out to republicans and working together. We all know both sides are making excuses and blaming each other for not compromising. Its just time to call ALL politicians out. I have both tricare and federal insurance as this really does not effect me, but I don't mind paying (a little) more if it helps others. There is too much red tape by politicians (dems/rep) protecting their investments. There are a lot of social issues that can be addressed to fix some of these issues, but politics on both sides keeps prevailing because one wants to get credit for a program working. The American people should demand more from the representatives.

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Aug-06-13 1:27 AM

Everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare and that is a huge issue that did need to be tackled on a federal level but not like this. Companies are going to drop their employees down to part time. We will then have to work two jobs to get by meaning we'll be working twice as hard for the same amount of money and still be without benefits because we're "part-time". As our reward for working two part-time jobs with no benefits we get to pay the IRS a steadily increasing penalty ever year. I don't think Obama is as bad as most make him out to be but this is just a bad policy all around. I'd love to see him reach out to Republicans and really work together to draw up a Universal Health Care program that will work for everyone. We're already facing a fiscal crisis as it is without adding added stress to an already stretched budget. Politicians need to set their ego aside and do what needs to be done for America.

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Aug-05-13 8:30 PM

Valleyman if the republican shut the government down, you will squirm like everyone else. YOUR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS should not get COLA increase if the minimum wage does not increase. I don't think you or other GOVERNMENT beneficiaries can afford to buy your own insurance or medicines on your own. Don't make yourself more than you are. ACA is not going anywhere any time soon. It is what it is.

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Aug-05-13 6:16 PM

gooseroot - If you draw any GOVERNMENT assistance whatsoever (Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, etc). YOU are a free loader. This includes all the type of people like you. I don't care what age it is. You all are free loaders. Sounds cruel and it is. Everyone should be able to have adequate health care. I do however agree that free rides should go. Just so you know I am well insured and still want others to be. Now what about you?

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Aug-05-13 2:24 PM

It's past time for the free loaders to fend their own way.They have money for booze,cigarettes,tattoos!It's time to end their FREE RIDE.

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