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Should Ohio take greater steps to reform its education system?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-30-13 8:13 AM

It's a mess and needs replaced. I just can't see where any ideas that regular people put out for consideration would ever be considered by the elite that run the system. I believe that anything that the elites decide to do, will not actually fix any problems, they will only mask the problems that are so obvious to us regular people. The elite in the educational system are like politicians in that they will just kick the can down the road.They will add new rules and regulations and make changes that benefit themselves, cheat the children, tax the property owners and blame the parents. The last point is the one that aggravates me the most. I raised my child to have good self esteem, good morals, to be considerate and to have self respect and respect for others. The elite educators neglected to teach the importance of local, state and U.S. history, complex math and science etc. Had I had the ability to home school, you can be sure I would have. I have ZERO confidence in the system today.

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Jan-29-13 3:05 PM

It’s simple, put the children first! Before the unions, before the politician’s wants and needs, before the lazy parents wish that the schools raise their kids! Let’s actually teach our kids reading, writing and math skills and forget about all of the social engineering that is put into the modern brainwashing factories dubiously known today as schools.

I went to Wintersville High School and actually learned about the U.S. Constitution, AMERICAN history and many other things that seem to have been forgotten in most schools now a days. Teach them what makes this country great and stop attempting to convince them that we are the most evil country in the world!

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