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The Drummer sees the light, departs iPhone Cult

February 3, 2014
By PAUL GIANNAMORE - Blogger ( , The Herald-Star

After I spent months of praying for him, my son has left a cult.

Specifically, he decided that spending a pile of bucks on another iPhone required him to at least try looking at an Android phone up close and personal for awhile.

Given the delight with which the weekend ended, his new white Samsung Galaxy SIII in hand, I'd say the non-cult phone is winning big.

Especially because it took him all of an hour to put me onto a software suite that changed the appearance of my phone, lets me change the appearance of icons and generally modernized my Motorola Atrix HD. All of that made me feel less envious of the SIII's slightly larger screen size and new-and-shiny ambience and quad-core processor.

The Drummer, being the technically savvy kid that he is put me onto something called GOLauncher EX, which transformed my phone into a half-inch smaller version of what he's got, in appearance anyway.

And I spent a joyous evening Saturday and morning on Sunday playing with customization of my phone, getting it to look modern and making it more functional, putting icons right were I need them, modernizing the little tool bar at the bottom of the screen, getting apps to do stuff they were supposed to do except Motorola's stock interface superceded them.

To his credit, The Drummer seemed happy that I was happy, and he didn't do the usual tech-geek thing of making me feel stupid for not knowing all my phone could do.

And, I'll note here once again that I think Siri is a neat parlor trick while Ms. Google actually gets answers and seems to navigate from a more up-to-date database (see my Siri vs. Ms. Google comparison from last summer's vacation, wherein Siri couldn't navigate around a closed bridge). Also, I want an electronic servant, not another character in my life. My wife's Siri is a total smart-aleck. And The Drummer said that, the night before his new phone arrived, he asked Siri to play a certain playlist, to which she responded, "I am playing (such-and-such). Now, shut up and listen."

She knew she was going soon, I think.

I haven't asked The Drummer if Siri went into the whole "2001: A Space Odyssey" thing and started saying, "Marcus, please. Stop. Think about what you're doing" when he copied his contacts into the Galaxy phone. Though walking past his room in the middle of the night last night, I did distinctly hear a tiny woman's voice slowly singing "Daisy."

If I were him, I wouldn't be trying to open any pod bay doors for a few days.

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