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Real estate transfers

January 27, 2013
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Helen Dolfi to Brian Stang, 0.34 acre, Warren Township.

Kent and Cynthia Murray to Erin Hosterman, 5.9536 acres and 10.615 acres, Knox Township.

Shannon Strickhausen (deceased) to Chelsea Strickhusen and Cara Strickhausen, 5 acres, Island Creek Township.

Debra Devore to Christy and Steven Looney, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Carole Feeney and others to Barbara Dray, lot 13, Sunset Hills; and 0.1368 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Steubenville Church of God Inc. to Travis and Bonnie Hunt, 0.429 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Rachel Blankenship to Jared Blankenship, 10.6497 acres, Island Creek Township.

John and Rita Riley to Thomaston Land Co. LLC, lot 147 and part lots 145-146, Saltsman Sixth.

Toni Roberts (deceased0 to Donald Roberts, 2.9822 acres, Cross Creek Township.

James Calk Jr. and Ramona Lonadier to Anthony Vantilburg, lot 193, Walton Acres No. 3.

George Borsch (deceased) to Martha Borsch, metes and metes, Salem Township.

Mary Hazelip (deceased) to Gary and Cheryl Hazelip, lot 12, Charlestown.

Charles Mason and others to Mary Brown, 1 acre, Wayne Township.

Deborah and Paul Wilson to Donald Craig, lot 4, St. John Heights.

Helen Pisarsky to Edward Pisarsky, metes, Brush Creek Township.

Craig and Anita Petrella to Petrella Enterprise LLC, lots 52 and 45, North Hill; and 0.1225 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Scott Wilson, lot 35, Steubenville Coal & Mining Co.

Citifinancial Inc. to Robert Owen, lot 2, Banfield Improvement.

Robert and M.Diane Craven to Shayne Craven, 1.085 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

RG Steel Wheeling to FEX Real Estate Holdings, metes, Steubenville Township; and lots 13-19 and 23-27, Peelers.

Sylvia Devore (deceased) to Tammy Casto, lot 36, North Hill.

Anita Keenan to Richard Keenan, metes, Salem Township.

Rebecca Delfiandra to Brian Sprochi, lot 71, John Spahn's First.

PNC Mortgage to Housing & Urban Development, lot 66, Beechwood No. 2.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to George and Norma Pernick, lot 14, Vine Cliff Place (survivorship).

David Wakulchik (deceased) to Helen Wakulchik, lot 180, Upper Allotment Glen Robbins.

Helen Wakulchik to Helen Wakulchik and Anne Nemeti, lot 180 Upper Allotment Glen Robbins (survivorship).

James Reynolds (deceased) to Bonnie Reynolds, 1.0385 acres, Knox Township.

Romano and Donna Cionni Sr. to Cionni Properties LLC, 8.393 acres, Wells Township; part lots 5-6, Cunningham Place; and 0.123 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 0.7953 acre, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of America, metes, Springfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, part lot 92, Labelleview; and lot 20, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Thelma Kimble (deceased) to Mark Kimble, lot 32, Parkdale.

Ilario and Tara Fazzolari to Roger and Kristen Fisher, part lots 481, 298 and 351, Labelleview (survivorship).

Josephine Ferda (deceased) to Mike Ferda Jr. and George Ferda, 11.882 acres, Smithfield Township.

John and Lisa Hlifka to Christine White, lot 26, McKee's First.

Terry Sparrow to Jacqueline and Gerald Beadnell, lot 70, Original Bergholz.

Leta Motley to Bank of New York, lot 1, Lincoln Heights Second.

Evelyn Blanchard (deceased) to Karen Trimmer and others, metes, Wayne Township.

Joseph and Rebecca Valentine to Ronald and Robin Boggess, part lot 44 and lot 45, Original Amsterdam (survivorship).

Donna Bailey (deceased) to John Bailey, lot 49, Gerke's Addition.

John Bailey to John Bailey Jr., lot 49, Gerke's Addition.

Richard Taylor and others to Casey Swearingen, tract 5, Hillsdale.

John Kiaski (deceased) to Janet Kiaski, lots 127, 129, 131 and part lots 130 and 132, Original Mount Pleasant; lots 185, 187 and 189, French's Addition; and lot 222 and part lot 223, Thomas Addition.

Franklin Boggia and others to Jason and Elizabeth Yirak, lot 25, Ross Park Realty (survivorship).

Wells Fargo Bank to Karen Bigler, lot 50, Ridgeland.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, lot 416, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., lot 56, Ridgeland.

Betty and Jess Bonar (both deceased) to Timothy Robinson and others, 1.03 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Timothy Robinson and others to Jesse Bonar, 1.03 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

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