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Trying to understand reasons to vote ‘no’

January 27, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The Edison Local School District is attempting to pass a levy: Here is some of the information you will get should you ask about the use of funds.

Edison spends $9,431.29 for each of its 1,917 students, $841.51 of which is expended for transportation. More than $9,000 a year on each student is a lot of money. However, should anyone wish to know what any school district in Ohio spent per student in 2011, the figures are available, but just a couple for your information -Toronto spends $ 9,752.06 and Steubenville comes in at $9,366.27. I do not have the amount these districts spend on transportation, but Edison has one of the largest land areas to cover of any district in the state of Ohio.

I have attended several monthly meetings of the Edison board of education. I have visited with members of the community, asked questions about people's attitude concerning the levy. It is amazing to listen to folks who say that they will not vote for a levy because they do not have children in school or their children attend school in another district.

Neither of these "reasons" for not supporting a levy is understandable. Who can really understand how a person who was furnished an education believes that now they have no responsibility to the next generation of children? How can a child become a productive adult unless the child has a quality education?

Concerning the other issue, where children attend school in another district so the family believes it has no obligation to fund the district in which the family lives, it is like a man who says, "My food bill is about 60 percent of what my neighbor spends on his food. Now let me tell you that his family eats well and it costs him plenty. I do not buy meat or fruit and vegetables because these items are too expensive, however I take my family over to my neighbor's house each evening to join them in their dinner because they do have meat, fruit and vegetables. Why should I spend money I don't need to spend since I and my family can eat so very well at his house every evening?"

So it goes.

C. Robert Meyer

Hill Top Presbyterian Church


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