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Tired of living in ‘Little Chicago’

January 13, 2013
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I have never been what you would call "proud" to say I have lived all of my 56 years in Jefferson County, but the recent high-profile rape case now has me glad that my daughters have either left, or soon will leave, this "Little Chicago" of a county that some self-appointed elite seem to think is their personal monarchy.

I am ashamed that local media did not cover this case until being embarrassed by the outside media who felt this crime was important enough to bring to national light and keep it from being swept away.

These media outlets such as New York Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and CNN did us a favor keeping the "connected" in the county from allowing this crime to die or be swept away.

Local television did not seem to want to investigate this crime until being "called out" on camera by a member of the first Anonymous rally.

I am ashamed that during a clip played Jan. 4, that Sheriff Fred Abdalla showed more passion stating he knew who Anonymous was, where he lived, who his mother and father are and who his brother is than when he spoke about this horrendous act that this unconscious girl endured, documented by the infamous 12-minute video he spoke about.

Ruined lives, sheriff? Who of those involved or who had knowledge of this crime "life" was more affected than the victim?

My question: Why did he not show this passion when discussing the girl who was possibly raped in the earlier part of the interview? Why was local media not investigating as they are now? Why does my brother in Columbus have to call me to give details of Jefferson County issues during the last 20 years that are not reported locally?

Sorry it had to come to this, outside media and groups rallying the people to keep this issue in the open, but after a while, I guess we all just got tired of the rebirth, or continuation, of "Little Chicago"

I have never written a letter to the editor before or spoke my mind in public, but the time is now to stand up and be heard, if not, politics as usual will continue.

Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men ...?

Joe Mazur


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