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Drinking, driving never a good mix

December 30, 2012
The Herald-Star

Everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving, and everyone knows the partying that goes on on New Year's Eve, so there simply is no excuse for even thinking about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated Monday into Tuesday.

There really isn't any excuse for doing it any other day of the year.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety reported that one out of every three traffic fatalities in 2011 were alcohol related. Wouldn't it be great if Ohio could cut its driving fatalities by 33 percent just by people realizing the dangers of intoxicated driving.

There were 347 fatal crashes in 2011, which investigating law enforcement said were caused by alcohol consumption. The state public safety department reported 5,261 people were injured in 2011 because of alcohol-related crashes.

The number of alcohol related crashes decreased by 10 percent from 2010. Overall wrecks were down significantly in 2010, some say it was due to people not driving as much because of the economic recession.

Regardless, it is a positive trend that needs to continue.

Law enforcement will be out in full force to catch those drivers who ignore the message of don't drink and drive during the New Year's weekend.

Many people play it smart on New Year's Eve. They attend a party at a friend's house with plans to sleep there for the night. Other couples may go to a lavish dinner/dance at a hotel and book a room for the night. Then there are others who actually practice having a designated driver or even renting a limousine.

Many people believe it is dangerous to even be on the roads on New Year's Eve because of the drinking. They don't want to be involved in a wreck.

There may be a lot of alcohol consumed on New Year's Eve but there also is a lot consumed any weekend of the year. People leave bars and get behind the wheel without thinking twice. Why think about it on New Year's Eve and not the other days of the year?

Alcohol impairs the ability to drive. It slows reaction time and also causes a driver to cross the center line. There are serious or fatal accidents every weekend in Ohio and West Virginia involving alcohol. Innocent family members are killed because someone was behind the wheel under the influence.

Make a New Year's resolution to not drive under the influence in 2013. Think seriously about the consequences of driving while impaired. It isn't worth it.

Let's make 2013 a year with less impaired driving arrests and less alcohol-related fatalities.

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