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A different look at school levies

November 18, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am disturbed by the opinions of those people who supported the local school levies. I understand the fact that they are displeased with the outcome of the vote, but I don't understand why they do not understand how the vote went the way that it did. Allow me to explain and perhaps offer a solution.

The reason that levies and bond issues have failed in this area is because of a dismal economy and no well-paying jobs. The property owners who must carry the entire load of the increased tax don't want those taxes to increase. Some people make the argument, "Well, someone paid for you to go to school," and those people would be correct. Problem is, those people (steelworkers, power plant employees and the contractors that remodeled their homes) made much more money when compared to most people around here when adjusted for inflation. Remember, the steel mills aren't exactly booming anymore and we have one less power plant than we did 20 years ago. Basically, those who must pay the bill either cannot spare the extra dough or are tired of paying for someone else's kids.

Now, if you want a school levy to pass, how about paying for it by way of a local sales tax? Instead of everyone and their mother being able to vote their hand into the wallet of a property owner, allow everyone to support their school. Want a new school? Shop in your district. Allow for people to put their money where their mouth is.

Ryan Garman


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