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Pelegreen earns top defensive award

November 13, 2012
By FRED YOUNCE - Sports writer ( , The Herald-Star

COLUMBUS - Harrison Central senior linebacker Nick Pelegreen turned out a record-breaking year at linebacker with 121 regular-season tackles to help lead his squad to its second-ever playoff berth. His efforts were noticed as the Huskies' all-time leading tackler was named 2012 Division IV Eastern District Defensive Player of the Year.

"He made every tackle," said Harrison Central head coach Justin Kropka. "I'm glad he got it, he deserved it. I can't say a more deserving kid than I have ever had on that side of the ball.

"He was a key guy on every blocking scheme we had and he was our long snapper. He came off on kick and kick return. He got two plays off. Other than that he did it all.

"He's one of the best two-way players I've ever been around in my years of football. He does everything right on and off field. His best games were against our best opponents."

In all, 12 Huskies were honored by the Eastern District with five - senior quarterback Rashaen Mitchell, senior running back Maurtice Hython, senior offensive lineman Rhett Kuryn, senior defensive lineman Tyler Rose and senior defensive back Josh Moore - joining Pelegreen on the first team.

Mitchell's senior season as signal caller saw him complete 77 of 130 passes for 1,443 with 15 touchdowns and five interceptions in the regular season. He also tallied 311 yards on 43 carries and four more scores on the ground.

Fact Box

By The Associated Press

COLUMBUS (AP) - The 2012 Associated Press Ohio Eastern All-District football teams based on the recommendations of a media panel (Note: no Division I teams in district):


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Nathan Strock, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 190, sr.; Thomas Wibbeler, Zanesville, 5-11, 170, jr.; Caleb Beans, New Philadelphia, 6-3, 195, jr. Back - Jamal Johnson, New Philadelphia, 5-6, 160. jr. Ends - Hunter Joseph, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 175, sr.; Trevor Krouskoupf, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 185, sr.; J.T. McFarland, Zanesville, 5-11, 170, jr.; Matty Lynn, Zanesville, 6-0, 170, sr. Linemen - Hunter May, New Philadelphia, 6-3, 245, sr.; Collin Prouty, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 280, jr.; Will Weir, Zanesville, 6-0, 265, sr.; Gray Moody, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 240, sr.; Sam Shook, New Philadelphia, 6-2, 220, jr.; Austin Kimble, Zanesville, 6-3, 270, jr. Kicker - Kris Michael, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-9, 160, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Kyle Huth, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 270, sr.; Jeff Virden, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 240, soph.; Tyler Edwards-Frick, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 265, sr.; Daniel Sensabaugh, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-1, 230, sr.; David Johnson, Zanesville, 5-8, 175, jr. Linebackers - Austin Jones, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-10, 208, sr.; Justin Ward, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 205, sr.; Dakota Hill, New Philadelphia. 5-10, 205 sr.; Seth Brock, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-1, 182, sr.; Tristan Rock, Zanesville, 6-0, 200, jr.; K.J. Grimmett, Zanesville, 5-10, 195, sr. Backs - Jamal Gladden, Zanesville, 5-11, 175, jr.; Dar Sanford, Zanesville, 5-11, 165, jr.; Jesse Kandel, New Philadelphia, 5-7, 160, sr.; Logan Keib, New Philadelphia, 5-11, 170, soph.

Offensive players of the year: Jamal Johnson, New Philadelphia; Nathan Strock, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Defensive player of the year: Austin Jones, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Coach of the year: Justin Buttermore, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Special Mention

Mark Barrow, New Philadelphia; Mark Castillo, New Philadelphia; Cory Rieger, New Philadelphia; Andy Perkins, New Philadelphia; Kyle McCandless, Zanesville; Devin Moran, Dresden Tri-Valley; Adam Reiss, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Division III

First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Mason Mamarella, Dover, 5-11, 165, sr.; Alex Young, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-2, 175, sr. Backs - Layne Perone, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-0, 205, jr.; Dillon Sunnafrank, Cambridge, 6-0, 195, sr.; Jordan Hayes, Zanesville Maysville, 5-11, 195, jr.; Dashon Redman, Steubenville, 5-11, 205, sr.; Blake Atkins, New Concord John Glenn, 5-10, 165, jr. Ends - Cory Contini, Dover, 5-10, 160, soph.; Trey Wallick, Dover, 5-11, 170, sr.; Tyler Peterson, Uhrichsville Claymont, 5-11, 195, sr.; Ivan Gadson, Cambridge, 5-6, 135, jr.; Brock Macaulay, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-6, 240, sr. Linemen - Steven Ericksen, Carrollton, 6-4, 275, sr.; Brandon Brown, Cambridge, 6-5, 240, sr.; Levi Flesher, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 250, sr.; Joe Kelly, Zanesville Maysville, 5-10, 231, sr.; Luke McCourt, Steubenville, 6-1, 260, sr.; Mason Casto, Dover, 6-3, 275, sr.; Tyler Singleton, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-0, 270, sr. Kicker - Eric Fox, Cambridge, 5-11, 170, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Demetrius Farmer, Dover, 6-2, 265, sr.; Gabe Snyder, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-5, 210, sr.; Brandon Bush, Zanesville Maysville, 6-1, 155, sr.; Ayden Howell, Cambridge, 6-1, 210, jr.; Kaleb Verhovec, Uhrichsville Claymont, 5-7, 165, jr.; Montel McClelland, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-2, 205, sr.; Chase Hambel, Philo, 6-2, 205, jr. Linebackers - Keaton Leppla, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-11, 215, sr.; Trevor Hardesty, Cambridge, 5-11, 200, jr.; Mitch Soles, Minerva, 6-0, 190, sr.; Aaron Sergent, Dover, 6-0, 180 sr.; Dylan Evans, Zanesville Maysville, 5-9, 162, sr.; Shane Winland, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-11, 235, sr.; Jordan Halasi, New Concord John Glenn, 6-1, 180, sr. Backs - Josh Short, Dover, 5-10, 175 sr.; JD Demkowicz, Cambridge, 5-9, 155, sr.; Josh Knight, Warsaw River View, 6-2, 180, sr.; Brady Arnold, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-10, 160, jr. Punter - Nathan Delozier, Philo, 5-8, 145, jr.

Offensive player of the year: Mason Mamarella, Dover.

Defensive player of the year: Demetrius Farmer, Dover.

Coach of the year: Craig Clarke, Zanesville Maysville.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Jake Riley, Minerva, 6-3, 210, sr.; Zak Sheridan, Philo, 5-8, 140, jr.; Caleb Tingle, Cambridge, 5-9, 165, soph. Backs - Stefan Yoho, East Liverpool, 5-8, 170, sr.; Logan Woods, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-11, 175, sr.; Garrett Mackey, Millersbug West Holmes, 5-10, 200, sr.; C.J. Harris, Zanesville Maysville, 6-0, 195, jr.; Kaleb Wiseman, Philo, 5-9, 180, sr.; Justin Head, McConnelsville Morgan, 6-0, 240, jr.

Ends - Brant Raber, Dover, 5-8, 165, sr.; Matt Petrella, Steubenville, 6-2, 200, sr.; Frank Kamerec, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-3, 175, sr.; Blake Albaugh, Uhrichsville Claymont, 5-9, 160, sr.; Justin Wilson, Zanesville Maysville, 6-2, 180, sr.; Taylor Wise, Uhrichsville Claymont, 6-5, 175, sr.

Linemen - Gage Snider, New Concord John Glenn, 6-3, 205 sr.; Cody Huffman, Cambridge, 6-3, 285, sr.; Joey Nation, Steubenville, 6-1, 280, sr.; Brady Foust, Dover, 6-4, 250, jr.; Colt Crall, Uhrichsville Claymont, 6-0, 195, jr.; Dakota Maple, Carrollton, 6-3, 285, sr.; Choya Gill, Philo, 6-1, 298, jr. Kicker - Ross Matthews, New Concord John Glenn, 5-10, 150, jr.; Felipe Bravo, Dover, 5-9, 165, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Manard Reed, Steubenville, 6-0, 245, sr.; Logan Helmick, Cambridge, 6-4, 215, jr.; Brian Doane, New Concord John Glenn, 6-0, 210, sr.; Monty McClelland, Wintersville Indiann Creek, 6-1, 200, sr.; Nate Smith, Warsaw River View, 6-0, 175, jr.; Mason Butler, Minerva, 6-3, 285, jr. Linebackers - Clifford Clark, Cambridge, 6-3, 205, jr.; Tyler McComas, East Liverpool, 5-9, 172, sr.; Dan Lattanzio, Lisbon Beaver, 6-1, 195, sr.; Cody Stragan, Carrollton, 5-8, 165, sr.; Mick Fishel, Dover, 6-0, 170, jr.; Teshawn Luke, Steubenville, 6-4, 210, sr.; Brian Zeroski, Rayland Buckeye Local, 5-10, 180, sr. Backs - Phillip Beohm, Lisbon Beaver, 5-11, 190, sr.; Payton Newlun, East Liverpool, 6-0, 161, sr.; Jonathan Fell, Dover 6-1, 175 sr.; Shane Duncan, Rayland Buckeye Local, 5-11, 165, sr. Punter - Luke Smith, Steubenville, 5-9, 235, sr.

Special Mention

Corey Stinson, Steubenville; Torrie Carter, Steubenville.; Tajuan Lawson, Steubenville.; Ryan Wood, Steubenville; Charlie Keenan, Steubenville; Blake Roar, Wintersville Indian Creek; Tyler Sharpe, Wintersville Indian Creek; Jake Mamula, Wintersville Indian Creek; Grant Hall, New Concord John Glenn; Luke Larson, New Concord John Glenn; Ryan Patterson, New Concord John Glenn; Matt Tom, New Concord John Glenn; Jordan Ueltschy, Uhrichsville Claymont; Ty Kelly, Uhrichsville Claymont; Eli Chambers, Zanesville Maysville; Mason Deaver, Zanesville Maysville; Austin Knowlden, Zanesville Maysville; Clay Holsclaw, Warsaw River View; Dillon Shepler, Warsaw River View; Dylan Watters, Warsaw River View; Jon Barker, Warsaw River View; Elijah Talk, Philo; Ross Barker, Philo; Josh Cercone, Dover; Johnny D'Egidio, Dover; Ala Morris, Dover; Jason Clinker, Dover; Luke Filippi, Dover; Josh Short, Dover; Justin Osbourne, Lisbon Beaver; Tyler Triplett, Warsaw River View; Brandon Adams, Warsaw River View; Austin Bentley, Carrollton; Dakota Westfall, McConnelsville Morgan.

Division IV

First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Matt Kinnick, St. Clairsville, 6-1, 180, sr.; Rashaen Mitchell, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-5, 190, sr. Backs - Maurtice Hython, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-8, 205, sr.; Jaylon Brown, St. Clairsville, 5-8, 155, jr.; Jake Davis, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 210, soph. Ends - Dan Monteroso, St. Clairsville, 6-3, 180, sr.; Christian Kirkman, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-1, 165, sr. Linemen - Cole Stephen, St. Clairsville, 6-1, 200, sr.; Zac Coole, Martins Ferry, 5-11, 228 sr.; Logan Ridgway, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-11, 280, sr.; Rhett Kuryn, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-11, 230, sr.; Tom Parker, St. Clairsville, 6-2, 230, sr. Kicker - Zach Musilli, St. Clairsville, 5-7, 125, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Troy Blair, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-1, 250, sr.; Tyler Rose, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-3, 205, sr.; Corey Ernest, St. Clairsville, 6-2, 265, sr. Linebackers - Nick Pelegreen, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-4, 210, sr.; Sam Groff, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-1, 195, sr.; Luke Smith, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 180, sr.; Michael Ferns, St. Clairsville, 6-3, 220, jr.; Brandon Fox, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 195, sr.; Tanner Cognion, Coshocton, 6-2, 200, sr. Backs - Cody Schau, Martins Ferry, 6-3, 170, sr.; Jerrid Marhefka, St. Clairsville, 6-0, 160, sr.; Josh Moore, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-9, 145, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Dan Monteroso, St. Clairsville.

Defensive player of the year: Nick Pelegreen, Cadiz Harrison Central.

Coach of the year: Brett McLean, St. Clairsville.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Nolan Marcus, Richmond Edison, 5-7, 160, jr.; Brady Byers, Gnadehutten Indian Valley, 6-3, 190, jr. Backs - Chris Graziani, Richmond Edison, 5-9, 190, sr.; Saquore Harris, Coshocton, 5-8, 175, sr.; Kyle Stewart, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-1, 245, jr.; Clay Lapp, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-9, 200, jr. Ends - Russ Springer, Richmond Edison, 6-1, 180, sr.; Cody Johnston, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-1, 160, jr.; Robert Vargo, Martins Ferry, 6-5, 242, jr.; Nate Olmstead, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-8, 145, jr. Linemen - Justice May, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-11, 240, jr.; Colton McKivitz, Belmont Union Local, 6-5, 240, soph.; Luke Straub, Martins Ferry, 5-11, 250, jr.; Jake Tolley, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-2, 215 sr.; Dylan Glasure, Richmond Edison, 5-10, 255, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen: Logan Trbovich, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-3, 180, jr.; Cody Tarman, Coshocton, 6-2, 230, soph.; Jarrod Ousley, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 6-2, 190, sr. Linebackers - Brennen Barbee, Zoarsville Tuscarawas Valley, 5-11, 190, sr.; Caleb Fehrman, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-10, 165, jr.; Eric Skropits, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-10, 170, sr.; Logan Ryan, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 6-0, 170, jr.; Sean McGee, Martins Ferry, 6-0, 245, sr. Backs - Josh Wallace, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 5-8, 140, sr.; Brian Styles, Martins Ferry, 5-6, 145, jr.

Special Mention

Justin Ayers, Byesville Meadowbrook; Jay Gossett, St. Clairsville; Derek Shunk, St. Clairsville; Joel Giffin, St. Clairsville; Ben Coleman; St. Clairsville; Gavin Porter, Belmont Union Local; Mason Friede, Belmont Union Local; Brandon Winesickle, Belmont Union Local; Tater Blake, Belmont Union Local; Kaleb McDiffit, Belmont Union Local; Jeremy Spoonmore, Cadiz Harrison Central; Josh Legget, Cadiz Harrison Central; Niko Williams, Cadiz Harrison Central; Colton Houston, Cadiz Harrison Central; Nate Maykowski. Cadiz Harrison Central; Nick Bain, Martins Ferry; Cody Beavers, Martins Ferry; Trent Neavin, Martins Ferry; Tyler Strama, Martins Ferry; Marcus Sutton, Martins Ferry; Jonathan Bodkin, Martins Ferry; Jack Fitch, Soph, Martins Ferry; Eric Flowers, jr., Martins Ferry; Kyle Contini, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Brandon Anderson, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Kyle Palumbo, Zoarsville Tuscarawas Valley; Jordan Felgenhauer, Zoarsville Tuscarawas Valley; Nate Shepler, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Jake Geiger, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Tyler Smith, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Clay Musselman, Zanesville West Muskingum; Grant Pumphrey, Zanesville West Muskingum.

Division V

First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Spencer Badia, Bellaire 5-8, 165, jr.; Chandler Lang, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 160, jr.; Tyler Walter, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 180, sr. Backs - Colton Pritchard, Barnesville, 5-9, 155, sr.; Spencer Lang, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 155, sr.; Garrett Bethel, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-8, 169, jr. Ends - Chandler Shryock, Newcomerstown, 6-2, 177, sr.; Nick Patrone, Bellaire, 5-8, 150, jr.; Winston Mullet, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-11, 160, sr.; Tyser Shilling, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-1, 178, sr.; CJ Beaver, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-9, 145, sr. Linemen - Josh Guiler, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 6-0, 200, sr.; Wyatt Back, Bellaire, 5-10, 235, jr.; Ian Wildes, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-10, 250, sr.; Brady Gump, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-10, 230, sr.; Chris Davidson, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-4, 245, sr. Kicker - Dalton Conroy, Bellaire, 6-0, 240, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Jason Garlando, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 157, jr.; Logan Wilson, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-2, 185, jr.; Brandon Burkhart, Barnesville, 6-1, 180, sr.; Camden Hill, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-9, 195, sr. Linebackers - Kellan Mutschelknaus, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 185, sr.; Nick Maffe, Bellaire, 5-11, 167, sr.; Mitchell Meeks, Newcomerstown, 6-1, 191, sr.; Tyler Nealey, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-9, 200, sr.; Kenny Hess, Bellaire, 5-10, 160, jr. Backs - Cody Mullett, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-8, 150, sr.; Dillion McPhearson, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-0, 152, sr.; Korey Lafferre, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-9, 165, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Tyler Walter, Sugarcreek Garaway.

Defensive player of the year: Kellan Mutschelknaus, Sugarcreek Garaway,

Coach of the year: Jose Davis, Bellaire.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Austin Zufelt, Newcomerstown, 6-1, 155, soph.; Morgan Dougherty, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 6-0, 170, jr. Backs - Jibril Dansby, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 188, soph.; Max Alsbach, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-11, 170, sr. Ends - Quinton Crosby, Bellaire, 5-10, 145, sr.; Hunter Westlake, Bellaire, 6-1, 165, soph.; Justin Massey, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-11, 152, sr.; Duane Troyer, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 160, sr.; Matt Ridenour, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-2, 180 sr. Linemen - Dylan Bowman, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-9, 196, sr.; Cory Cutlip, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 6-1, 265, jr.; Drew Layton, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-8, 240, jr.; Michael Keim, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-10, 215, sr.; Coy Johns, Newcomerstown, 6-2, 253, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Jordan Wharff, Newcomerstown, 6-2, 196, sr.; Luke Yates, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-0, 171, soph.; Codey Kimble, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-8, 190, jr.; C.J. Grove, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-4, 191, sr. Linebackers - Cody Hall, Newcomerstown, 5-8, 158, jr.; Jeremy Shamel, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-8, 190, sr.; Mike Jones, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-10, 165, jr.; Clay Honigford, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-2, 185, soph.; David Brown, Barnesville, 5-10, 235, jr. Backs - Danny Neuhart, Sarahsville Shenandoah, 5-7, 155, sr.

Special Mention

Kyle Pritchard, Newcomerstown; Blake Rossiter, Sarahsville Shenandoah; Ryan Callarik, Bellaire; Logan Koshenka, Bellaire; Abhay Horvath, Bellaire; Seth McPeek, Old Washington Buckeye Trail; Tyler Wittekind, Beverly Fort Frye; Garrett Hall, Beverly Fort Frye; Branden Close, Beverly Fort Frye; Hunter Yoder, Sugarcreek Garaway; Austi Yackey, Sugarcreek Garaway; Colt Kiser, Sugarcreek Garaway; Alex Croston, West Lafayette Ridgewood; Ryan Lowe, West Lafayette Ridgewood;

Division VI

First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Michael Lawless, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-3, 220, sr.; Teryn Jarrett, Beallsville, 6-3, 175, sr.; Brenton Colabella, Steubenville Cath. Central, 6-2, 185, jr. Backs - Nick Asturi, Hannibal River 5-9, 198, sr.; Cobin Plessinger, Malvern, 5-11, 175, jr.; Luke Lloyd, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-9, 175, sr. Ends - Cade Cummings, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-1, 180, soph.; Zach Herrington, Steubenville Cath. Central, 6-4, 175, sr.; Kam Brown, Hannibal River, 6-0, 150 sr.; Cody Hudson, Shadyside, 6-2, 180, sr.; Max Kapron, Malvern, 6-5, 195, sr. Linemen - Brian Magorien, Caldwell, 6-4, 270, jr.; Brian Merritt, Malvern, 6-2, 270, sr.; David Cline, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-4, 260, sr.; Cory Banco, Shadyside, 6-2, 250, jr.; Evan Eggleston, Hannibal River, 6-4, 220, sr. Kicker - Colton Wright, Hannibal River, 6-0, 144, soph.

DEFENSE: Linemen: Josh Holmes, Malvern, 5-11, 200, sr.; Gage Miller, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-2, 245, sr.; Dalton Sechrest, Beallsville, 6-1, 265, jr.; Scott Hammond, Shadyside, 6-0, 170, soph.; Tyler Swackhammer, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-3, 220, sr. Linebackers - Alex Lawless, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-1, 200, sr.; Kale Rayner, Caldwell, 5-9, 190, sr.; D.J. Shoemaker, Bellaire St. John's, 6-2, 210, sr.; Adam Brandon, Strasburg-Franklin, 6-1, 225 sr.; Chase Lanning, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-11, 205 sr.; Jonathan Stewart, Hannibal River, 5-10, 170, sr. Backs - Chase Kinemond, Shadyside, 6-1, 175, sr.; Taylor Bowdish, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-11, 170, sr.; Joey Chadwick, Toronto, 6-0, 165, sr.; Ryan Fletcher, Steubenville Cath. Central, 6-0, 175, jr.; Cameron Roberts, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-1, 160, soph.

Offensive player of the year: Luke Lloyd, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans

Defensive player of the year: Chase Kinemond, Shadyside.

Coaches of the year: Mark Holenka, Shadyside; Dave Tucci, Malvern.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks - Cody Caldwell, Hannibal River, 6-2, 180, sr.; Trey Tucci, Malvern, 6-2, 190, jr.; Adrick Cronin, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-1, 165 soph. Backs - Dallas Fields, Bridgeport, 5-8, 175, sr.; Caleb Van Meter, Caldwell, 5-7, 175, sr.; Doug Maslowski, Steubenville Cath. Central, 5-10, 195, sr. Ends - Brandon Bailey, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 6-6, 240, sr.; Michael Teater, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 5-10, 150, soph.; Eddie Salaszar, New Matamoras Frontier, 5-5, 145, sr.; Ricky Tubaugh, Beallsville, 5-11, 190, sr.; Alex Francis, Bellaire St. John's, 6-0, 170, sr. Linemen - Tom Addy, Strasburg-Franklin , 6-1, 215, jr.; John Champer, Malvern, 6-2, 200, sr.; Gerald Addleman, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-0, 230, sr.; Kyle Groves, Beallsville, 6-1, 200 sr. Kicker - Dario Paolina, Bellaire St. John's, 5-9, 160, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen - Michael Pruni, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 6-2, 290, jr.; Jake Haynes, Toronto, sr. 5-9, 220, sr.; Evan Hensel, Strasburg-Franklin, 5-10, 180 jr.; Eric Howell, Shadyside, 6-1, 185, soph.; Eddie Zinn-Turner, Malvern, 6-2, 230, soph. Linebackers - Derick Lawrence, Toronto, 5-10, 165, jr.; Jacob Hoover, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 5-11, 185, jr.; Alex Quinn, Shadyside, 6-0, 170, sr.; Austin Dorris, Shadyside, 6-5, 205, soph.; Aleks Porreca, Steubenville Cath. Central, 5-10, 160, jr.; Brady Weber, Malvern, 6-2, 225, sr.; Kevan Zapolnik, Steubenville Cath. Central, 5-8, 200, sr. Backs - Patrick Britton, Bridgeport, 5-9, 150, soph.; Carson Haney, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central, 5-9, 160, jr.; Marcus Johnson, Malvern, 5-7, 175, sr.; Ian Baker, Shadyside, 5-8, 165, sr.; Tommy Rodriquez, Bowerston Conotton Valley, 6-2, 185, sr.; Ben Baldwin, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-9, 140 sr.

Special Mention

Kyle Laukert, Steubenville Cath. Central; Khalil Jones, Steubenville Cath. Central; Jake McCann, Steubenville Cath. Central; Blaze Glenn, Toronto; Chez Glenn, Toronto; Kyle White, Toronto; Jared Howell, New Matamoras Frontier; Kris Comstock, New Matamoras Frontier; Jared Irvin, New Matamoras Frontier; Cole Farley, New Matamoras Frontier; Devon Hennessey, Bellaire St. John's; Bruce Sefert, Beallsville; D.J. Lucas, Beallsville; Gage Steele, Beallsville; Ouar-Javious Williams, Bridgeport; Bailey Siever, Bridgeport; Zach Meadows, Shadyside; Brooks Ramsey, Shadyside; Chris Littell, Shadyside; Brendan Krock, Shadyside; J.D. Dotson, Hannibal River; Brett Rosen, Hannibal River; Bryce Cross, Hannibal River; Colton Cottis, Bowerston Conotton Valley, Keith Riley, Bowerston Conotton Valley; Alex Chilton, Bowerston Conotton Valley; Marek Walczak, Strasburg-Franklin; Darren Wartluft, Malvern; Mitch Haasz, Malvern; Nick Mohr, Malvern; Thomas Thacker, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans; Jordan Jefferson, New Matamoras Frontier; Taylor Merckle, New Matamoras Frontier; Jordan Sapp, Hannibal River; Keaton Carrothers, Bowerston Conotton Valley; Logan Myers, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central.

"I thought he was going to be special as a freshman and a sophomore," said Kropka. "He got hurt last year in the last scrimmage. I'm glad he came back from his injury and had a great senior year

"We threw the ball a lot more this year than we normally do because we had a kid like that throwing it."

Hython was an unstoppable force for the Huskies offense this season. The senior tallied 1,803 yards on 231 carries with 19 scores in the regular season on his way to becoming one of the area's all-time career rushing yard leaders.

"He's been the anchor of our offense for three years," said Kropka." "We leaned on him heavily. His stats are impressive, but more impressive is that everybody we played for the last two years was focused on trying to stop him. That's a credit to him and our linemen.

"When Mitchell got hurt last year he came through for us. If the lights were on, he could play.

"He was just short of 5,000 yards and I think he is fourth all-time in the Valley. Any time you're talking those kind of names - Billy West and Quincy Wilson - that's some pretty good company."

Kuryn and Rose were closely related in the eyes of their coach. Kuryn was honored on the offensive line while Rose and his 65 tackles was honored on defense. They each played both ways on the line for the Huskies.

"Linemen are always overlooked," said Kropka. "Both were two-way starters for three years for us. People forget what these seniors had to deal with last year with the loss of Jimmy Cameron. He was their friend.

"To deal with losing their quarterback on the field and one of their own off it was a lot to deal with. Because of kids like these two, we were able to get by.

"Every day they bring their lunch bucket. I have a debt of gratitude for that."

Moore was the Huskies' top cover man. He finished the year with 38 tackles, nine pass break ups and four interceptions.

"No one ever heard of him and he was one of better cover corners I ever had here," said Kropka. "He was the guy who covered the other team's best receiver every game.

"He worked his way up. He's a 145-pound kid played like he was 170. I'm sure glad he got recognized. He is very deserving of that."

Senior Nate Olmstead (21-573-7) earned second team honors at receiver for Harrison Central.

Receiving special mention nods were senior linebacker Jeremy Spoonmore, senior offensive lineman Josh Leggett, junior linebacker Niko Williams, senior offensive lineman Colton Houston and sophomore linebacker Nate Maykowski.

Edison had four players named second team in Division IV with junior quarterback Nolan Marcus (91-206-1,345-12-13 passing, 132-633-10 rushing), senior offensive lineman Dylan Glasure, junior receiver Rich Springer (25-509-6), and senior running back Chris Graziani (141-829-11).

In Division III Steubenville Big Red had 12 players honored with two being named Eastern District first team in senior running back Dashon Redman and senior offensive lineman Luke McCourt.

Redman carried the ball 140 times for 758 yards and scored eight touchdowns in the regular season. He also led the team with 60 tackles from his linebacker position.

"Dashon was put in a tough position on offense and defense this year," said Big Red head coach Reno Saccoccia. "On defense he moved into the Mike linebacker position. It's hard for a senior to be a first-year starter at Mike linebacker because you have to progress from three keys and you have to be able to see more of the field.

"He wasn't able to spend two or three years improving his eye sight in that regard. On offense he had to move from fullback to tailback and it took time to adjust there. He did a great job adjusting to both positions."

McCourt, a three-year starter on both the offensive and defensive lines, was honored as an offensive lineman.

"First of all, Luke never missed a fitness, he never missed a camp, a two-a-day, or one practice," said Saccoccia. "He had perfect attendance to all workouts.

"That's how he played too. He was a steady player that did his job. He played hard and loves the game of football.

"We really appreciate all our players for the commitment they made to play for Big Red this season."

Named second team for Big Red are senior defensive lineman Manard Reed (45 tackles), senior receiver Matt Petrella (29-387-5), senior linebacker Teshawn Luke (33 tackles), senior offensive lineman Joey Nation and senior punter Luke Smith (38.2 punt average).

Big Red players named special mention are senior defensive lineman Charlie Keenan, senior quarterback Corey Stinson, senior defensive lineman Torrie Carter, senior defensive back Tajuan Lawson and senior offensive lineman Ryan Wood.

Indian Creek had 10 players honored in Division III. The Redskins saw senior quarterback Alex Young, senior linebacker Shane Winland, senior defensive end Montel McClelland and senior offensive lineman Levi Flesher named to the Eastern District first team.

Young had a tremendous regular season, completing 60 of 128 attempts for 887 yards with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He rushed for 360 yards on 65 carries with eight more scores as well. He also returned two punts, a kickoff and an interception for touchdowns while kicking 17 extra points and two field goals.

"We took a very athletic kid and asked him to go from wideout to quarterback," said Indian Creek head coach Andrew Connor. "His maturity from game to game got better and better. He was the spark that made us go. He developed into a very good quarterback.

"I thought he made a lot of big plays for us."

Winland was a mainstay for the Redskins defense from his middle linebacker position with 43 solo tackles, 24 assists, three sacks, 10 tackles for loss, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and one recovery. He also played offensive line for the Redskins.

"He has a knack for getting to the football," said Connor. "One thing he did that was very important was he got tackles for loss or a big interception when we needed it."

Montel McClelland was one of the most feared pass rushers in the district. The senior had 20 solo tackles, 17 assists, 10 sacks, seven tackles for loss and 28 quarterback hurries from his end spot.

"His ability to put pressure on quarterback is what stands out," said Connor. "Even when not getting sacks for us he got a tremendous amount of hurries. Teams ran away from him. He's very athletic.

"We put him on the wide side of the field and he helped us contain other teams' offenses."

Flesher was probably the feel good story of the Redskins' first team selections. The senior lineman came back from a junior year injury to grade out as the team's top lineman.

"There's a kid you're just happy for," said Connor. "He had a major injury his junior year. He fought his way back and even missed a game this year, but he played hard for us as a captain. He's a hard-nosed, old-fashioned offensive lineman."

Second team honorees for the Redskins are senior running back Logan Woods (132-854-9), senior receiver Frankie Kamarec (27-365-7) and senior defensive lineman Monty McClelland (20 solo tackles, four sacks, 10 hurries).

Senior defensive back Blake Roar, senior linebacker Tyler Sharpe and senior offensive lineman Jake Mamula all received special mention nods.

Buckeye Local had two players make second team defense in Division III in linebacker Brian Zeroski and defensive back Shane Duncan.

In Division VI Steubenville Catholic Central had nine players honored with junior quarterback Brenton Colabella, senior receiver Zach Herrington, and junior defensive back Ryan Fletcher named to the Eastern District first team.

In his third year as starter, Colabella had a break out campaign. He threw for 2,163 yards in the regular season, completing 60 percent of his passes with 25 touchdowns to just six interceptions. He is the Crusaders' all-time leading passer with his senior year still ahead of him.

"Brenton, first of all, is very deserving of first team," said Central head coach Steve Daley. "His progression from freshman and sophomore years to junior year showed a marked difference in maturity and ability to see the field."

Herrington ended his career as the Crusaders all-time leading receiver. His senior year saw him pull in 39 catches in the regular season for 698 yards and 10 touchdowns.

"Zach was a returning starter who had a great year as junior, and he added to that this year," said Daley.

"He set records for receiving for a season and career. Again, he was very deserving of first team.

"He was our go-to guy in the passing game. He made a lot of catches in double coverage late in the year."

Fletcher showed himself to be a playmaker on both sides of the ball for the Crusaders, but was honored for his defensive contributions. The defensive back had 49 tackles while also intercepting three passes and returning one for a score. He had 24 grabs for 370 yards and three scores at receiver.

"He was a surprise for us, especially on defense," said Daley. "He was our free safety and he made our coverage checks. He was a steady player and very reliable. He has a good head on his shoulders making those calls back there."

Second team honors for the Crusaders went to senior linebacker Kevan Zapolnik (36 tackles, 10 for loss), junior linebacker Aleks Porreca (52 tackles, 11 for loss) and senior running back Doug Maslowski (97-808-14).

Senior receiver Kyle Laukert, junior defensive back Khalil Jones and senior defensive lineman Jake McCann were all named special mention.

Toronto had six players honored in Division VI with senior defensive back Joey Chadwick being named to the Eastern District first team.

Chadwick was a blanket in the secondary for the Red Knights, intercepting six passes and returning two for scores on the year. He also had 71 tackles. He averaged more than 30 yards per punt, connected on 22 of 23 extra point attempts and caught 16 passes for 189 yards and score as well.

"He's been a great kid and leader," said Toronto head coach Eric Meek. "He helped us in all areas. He has really turned into a good pass cover man. I believe he had 13 interceptions over the last two years.

"Offensively he played receiver. He was definitely our leading receiver over my three years here. He's played quarterback at times for us and punted and kicked extra points for us. We're going to miss him. He's been a tremendous asset to our program."

Senior defensive lineman Jake Haynes (69 tackles) and junior linebacker Derick Lawrence (95 tackles) were named to the second team from Toronto.

Red Knights' special mention players were freshman quarterback Blaze Glenn, junior running back Chez Glenn and senior defensive back Kyle White.