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‘Get out the vote’ tour arrives

November 4, 2012
By LINDA HARRIS - Staff writer , The Herald-Star

STEUBENVILLE - With less than 72 hours until Election Day, the Romney-Ryan campaign's "Get Out the Vote" bus tour rolled into Steubenville Saturday to encourage the party faithful to "do things to help this ticket win."

"We know what you know, we just keep hitting refresh on the poll sites like you do," said Artur Davis, former Democratic Congressman from Alabama and Romney supporter. "But there's a very good chance this Buckeye State of Ohio is going to determine not just the next president of the United States, but ... literally the future of our country."

Joining Davis on the bus tour were former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan and U.S. Rep. Aaron Shock, R-Ill., who said that what Ohioans do over the next 48 hours "is going to determine the course of history."

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Linda Harris
SUPPORTERS TALK — Former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan, stumping for the Romney-Ryan ticket, talks with a supporter Saturday at the GOP’s Steubenville Victory Center in the Fort Steuben Mall. Joining Buchanan at the “Get Out the Vote” event were U.S. Rep. Aaron Shock, R-Ill., and former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis.

"You can determine who the next president is," Shock told supporters gathered in the GOP's Steubenville Victory Center at the Fort Steuben Mall. "It may even come down to 500 votes in this county."

Shock said under Obama, Americans "have been saddled with twice the debt of when he took office," and said the prospects of getting a job out of college "are sorely diminished."

"Gas prices have gone from $1.80 to $3.80 a gallon, food prices are through the roof, disposable income is down," he added, adding that "people are fired up in this state, they know that what happens between now and election day will make the difference."

Davis also pointed to high unemployment, the impact Obama-care will have on the nation's economy, a polarized Congress and embassy attacks in countries "we've helped liberate" as reason enough to vote for change, telling those in attendance that "you have the power to take your country back if you want it back."

"When a president fails, you suffer for it," Davis added. "It's not just his failing, it's our failing as a country. Now we get to fix it, we get to turn it around."

Buchanan, the sister of three-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, said Tuesday's balloting "will change the course of America, one way or the other."

"It's not about the candidate, it's about the country," she said, reiterating that with polls showing the race in a dead heat, it's "going to come down to the last few votes."

"As George Washington said, the sacred fire of liberty is in the hands of the American people," Buchanan said. "It's not in hands of elected officials or the rich and famous or corporate elite. It's in our hands."

Buchanan said America with Romney at the helm "is going to change."

"We'll have a government that respects business, small business, and understands that small business owners are job creators and understands what he or she needs to start expanding their business or create a new one," she said. "That's going to be the engine (that rebuilds the economy)."

Davis said he expects to see "a lot of conservative Democrats cast their vote for Mitt Romney Tuesday."

"You're starting to see polling right now that shows Mitt Romney is picking up around 20 percent of the Democratic vote," he added. "It's been kept very quiet, but it's starting to show."

Davis also said he thinks the pollsters "are candidly missing a chunk of people out there," saying he sees the Romney-Ryan ticket starting to pull away.

Fran Rensi of Bloomingdale said she'd spent the day going door-to-door for the Romney-Ryan ticket, "and Democrats I've talked to are saying it's as bad as they can remember it being for years."

"We've had a great response," Rensi added.

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