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Make your vote count

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

What in the world are we coming to ... back to the future? We have finally gotten to the place where our state, county and local governments are "working" again. We are doing the best we can with our schools, roads, law enforcement and fire protection. Don't forget the wonderful work being done by all of the service organizations, which our current administration supports. Why, when things are heading in the right direction, would you want to change the players? If you could just remove the "R", the "D" from the ballot, you would surely vote for the most experienced, the most qualified and best solutions to our problems.

This campaign has been the most violent and dishonest I have seen in a long time, with our own president avoiding the truth, calling his opponent a "killer", a liar, dishonest, etc.; Facebook users calling for a riot if their candidate does not win; local candidates lying about their records, forgetting their history and the work promised but never done; candidates being followed by persons with video cameras recording their every move; candidates tearing each other apart just to get your vote.

Who in this world can you believe? How do you get to the real truth? Unless you know the candidates personally, read every newspaper, listen to all of the news and read the interchange on the Internet or have a contact in government in the local, state or Washington area, you don't even come close to the truth.

When you are at a loss as to who to cast that precious vote for, your only hope is to talk to your respected neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. And even then it's only your dedicated personal involvement that will help you to come to that critical voting decision.

Don't forget, your vote is precious. It spells the very difference in your paycheck, how much you pay for gas, your safety, the way your village, town and county are managed ... or not. If you cannot be sure you would invite that person into your home, you shouldn't be giving them your vote.

I am retired from the federal government and have seen a lot of fraud, waste and abuse. We do not have to see it in Jefferson County.

I am forgetting all party designations and voting for the best of the best in Jefferson County. I am voting for and ask for your support for Bill Johnson and Dave Maple for re-election. They have proven records and have done a respectful, exemplary job. We have a candidate in Shane Thompson who is new to the political arena, but has made a great impression on the people and businesses that he has met. He is the VP of a large battery recycling company and has its blessing to do for his county what he has done for them. Each of these persons is tried and true and deserves your vote of confidence.

Your vote counts - make it count.

Donna J. Keagler


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