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Looking for the truth

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Why is it so difficult for some journals to tell the truth? The reason I guess is political bias.

Take, for instance, all the rhetoric and political ads that have come from U.S. Rep. Johnson and some of the politicos in West Virginia concerning the downturn in the coal industry. The press knows the truth and does not reveal it. The problem stems from the fact that electric producers have turned to the cheap and plentiful supply of natural gas and are using their natural gas plants to produce electricity cheaper than with coal and has nothing to do with Obama or the EPA, yet the press, for political reasons, allows this lie to persist.

They should be telling these miners the truth so they can prepare to look for other employment as this will go on for at least the next 20 years, until the shale deposits have been depleted.

The press also has been remiss in giving Obama credit for all that he accomplished in light of the enormity of the problem he inherited from Bush and company.

Also, note the fact that Bush has disappeared from the scene - no mention event at the GOP convention. What does that tell you?

Barack Obama has done a great job and if he would have done what the Republicans in Congress wanted to do, we would be in a total depression now. The Republicans have been itching to gut the Social Security and Medicare programs for years and they have just the man in Romney and that idiot, Ryan.

Also, the press has been reluctant to report improvements in the economy, and if so, it's on the back page.

Journalism is a sacred profession and it is incumbent upon them to report the truth and keep the public informed and to seek out the truth.

We need Obama and a Democratic Congress. Remember this fact: It took 10 years and a war to bring us out of the Great Depression. Obama has done wonders in his four years, and that is true and verifiable, not the half lies being told to you in TV ads, etc.

So vote Obama, Charlie Wilson and Sherrod Brown back into office for a continuation of the progress that has been attained to this point in our history.

As a note of interest, FirstEnergy has shut down the Samis plant at Stratton, even after spending millions to upgrade it. It is as good as it gets in so far as coal fired plants go, so what does that say?

Guy Indovina


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