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JVS needs your support

October 28, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Being an employee of the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, I often hear comments such as: "our son landed a job due to the training he received at the JVS." "Our daughter received her education at the JVS and is working at the local hospital. Thank you." Sometimes, when I am at the grocery store, people come up to me and say, "Hey, you work at the JVS, don't you? I want to share good news - my daughter is attending Eastern Gateway Community College and is doing well in her coursework." There are also days that I am in the mall and a former student will come up to me and with excitement say, "I have a job and I owe it all to my teachers at the JVS." I smile and say, "How wonderful."

Why is this important? One of the best bargains around is the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School. The JVS has 14 programs in which students can enroll - automotive body tech, automotive service technician, carpentry, computer networking, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, early childhood education and care, electrical trades, health technologies, interactive technology, multimedia and design, power mechanics and welding. Besides occupational training, students use technology in the labs and take academics and related course work that makes them college- and career-ready. They work hard to complete their career passport - a document that lists their skills, equipment they can run and their resume that is taken with them to job interviews.

In this tough economy, it is so nice to know that students who applied themselves while attending the JVS for two years can be prepared to enter college or become part of the work force. In the future, I hope to hear from many more residents of our school district who say their relative or someone they know has a job because they attended the JVS.

The JVS has started an alumni association, and all JVS graduates are welcome to join. Call (740) 264-5545 for information about the next meeting. For all of you who got their start at the JVS, please remember that we have a levy on the Nov. 6 ballot (Issue 21) - for 5 cents a day, you can help the JVS train students for their future jobs. Please remember to go to the polls and vote "yes" on Nov. 6 to support the JVS.

Dorothy Blaner

Executive secretary

Jefferson County JVS

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