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Mandel right choice in race for Senate

October 20, 2012
The Herald-Star

Ohioans are faced with a clear choice for U.S. Senate when they go to the polls on Nov. 6.

They can choose to return incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown to Washington, or they can choose Republicn challenger Josh Mandel.

Since the role of U.S. senators is to represent the best interests of their constituents in Washington, Mandel, who has served Ohioans in the Marine Corps, the General Assembly and now as state treasurer, will do that when Buckeye State voters elect him to the Senate.

That puts him in stark contrast to Brown, who views service to his party and its leaders as his top priority. That has meant Brown often votes against the best interests of Ohioans.

Brown has been steadfast in his support of President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. He has been a staunch supporter of the national health care takeover - "Obamacare" - despite the cost to Ohio.

If Obamacare proceeds, thousands of Ohioans pleased with the health insurance they have will lose it.

Thousands of others will pay more for health insurance. Still others will be fined thousands of dollars for refusing to buy government-approved health insurance policies.

Brown has supported the Obama administration's attempt to force electricity prices up by hundreds of dollars a year in most Ohio households by wrecking the coal industry.

About 82 percent of Ohio's electricity is generated at coal-fired power plants - several of which already are scheduled to be shut down because of the Obama administration's new rules. They will be replaced with plants that produce power at a much higher price.

Mandel will use his Senate seat to defend Ohio. His philosophy calls for a repeal of Obamacare, substituting real health care reform.

Mandel will reject the Environmental Protection Agency's war on coal, holding prices for electricity down.

He will insist on fiscal responsibility in the Senate - which has not managed to pass a budget in 42 months.

A fairer, more jobs-friendly tax code, a realistic energy policy including maximum use of American natural gas and oil, and support for basic rights such as that to keep and bear arms also are on Mandel's agenda. They have no place in Brown's thinking, as he has demonstrated during his time in the Senate.

Ohioans need a senator to represent them - not liberals such as Obama and Reid. That's why they should vote for Mandel on Election Day.

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