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Romney twists Obama’s words

October 7, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Do the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee actually believe their orchestrated response in taking the words of President Barack Obama completely out of context when they retort that one's ultimate achievement of success on the professional level is to be attributed solely to the efforts of said individual.

However, although the successful individual does perhaps deserve the lion's share of the credit, those who have assisted in the process also positively contributed on the individual's path to ultimate success.

Those who may have contributed along the way most probably would include parents; teachers; clergy; associates; mentors; customers; financial institutions; local, state and federal government entities, etc., and, above all, what can be ultimately accomplished without the blessing of the good lord?

Stating one's professional success can be attributed solely to the individual is egotistical, self-aggrandizing and delusional.

In the case of Gov. Mitt Romney, how successful would he, himself, have been without all the advantages which were made readily available to him as a result of his ultra-successful father, George Romney, who was the very wealthy chief executive officer of American Motors, governor of the state of Michigan and served as our nation's secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Nixon administration during his long and very successful professional life.

Undoubtedly, doors were opened to the current Republican presidential candidate as a result of his heritage on a professional level to the extent enjoyed by very few in our nation's history.

I wonder if candidate Romney truly believes his success is exclusively as a result of his personal efforts?

I do not believe that many, if any, would consider Mr. Romney to be a self-made man.

If such is indeed the case as it pertains to candidate Romney, himself, then to whom may he be referring?

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry

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