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A view of the debate

October 7, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I watched the first presidential debate Wednesday, and Mitt Romney came off as very rude, very brash and interrupted President Barack Obama constantly. He always lies about what he could do, but he couldn't do it if in office.

He doesn't know what he is talking about and he's lying on top of it. That's Mitt Romney. The president's bearing was entirely appropriate faced with a pathological liar lying from the start.

Romney is lying every time he opens his mouth, he was sputtering around as the president was speaking. You can't talk, negotiate, nor debate with a liar.

He came off as a very self-asserting bore. He thinks he knows everything but he doesn't. He is rude, he puts everybody down who isn't a billionaire. We are nothing in his eyes.

Romney gave so many answers that are proven untrue and lies from his own former position of just three weeks ago, which in itself is bad, but the worst is it is in contradiction to what he said weeks, months, years ago. That's a typical pathological liar, say anything to win the argument and get his way by saying anything.

When did you start to enjoy being lied to? This is masochistic behavior and will continue our path into poverty. Wise up and vote for the middle class with a vote for Obama.

Do you remember Tricky Dicky Nixon? The Republican party has not changed, but we have changed and our position in the world has changed because the rest of the world is changing faster than we are. We still have a chance to change all that by voting to continue our path of growth with stability for the middle class by voting for another four years of Obama.

If you want your sons and daughters home from war, vote for Obama and Biden. If you want impartial Supreme Court justices to be appointed, vote for Obama.

Remember, Romney doesn't know what he is talking about and he's lying on top of it. The president won on substance and grace.

Clara Frey


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