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Mingo needs leadership

September 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The infamous splash pad - headlined on the front page and reported on for the 50th time on television ("Splash pad built as Mingo Junction finances crumble," Sept. 16.) It is so stupid to keep harping on something that is not the cause of the village of Mingo Junction to be broke. Would counting on the revenue from the mill forever be a component in the village being broke? Basically, it has not been running since 2009 and is now closed.

It seems that some want to keep the focus on the splash pad and away from the reality that the town is broke and there is a lot of work ahead to try to turn it around.

The community has very little industry, no bank, no gas station and now DiCarlo's Market has closed. They did not think about the future and put in place safeguards. They increased the water and sewer bills in the last three years, instead of having done it during the last 20 when the village was producing mass amounts of water for the mill. Think of the revenue that could have been in the bank collecting interest.

The splash pad was voted on when I was in office. We sat down with a rep from Rain Drop and Don Moore from CT Consultants and picked out and planned, with their guidance, the infamous splash pad.

There was a consultant who was supposed to oversee the project from start to finish. Accountability?

The mayor and administrator spent the first few months in office trying to send back equipment and renege on the contract with Cattrell Cos. Would that have had anything to do with the inflated cost of the controversial splash pad or why it did not open this season?

It is irrelevant to discuss who did what, then and now. What is relevant is what are you going to do now?

Our community is in need of leadership and someone who is willing to make hard decisions and work toward a better future, not a mayor who shows up half the time and an administrator who is resigning because the going got rough.

There is still more than $400,000 in the community complex fund to be used to pay bills and wages out of. I believe the current mayor, administrator and councilman asked the clerk to see if they can borrow from the different funds and set up a repayment plan. How would they be able to set up a repayment plan is beyond me. Pay it back with what? After the money from the community complex is gone, then what?

The money came from a tax base levy the people voted on more than 16 years ago, and it was never used when the bucks were rolling in. We tried to give something back to the people and make the park a nice place. As one of the council members suggested not too long ago, "Sell the damn thing."

Judy L. Ruckman

Mingo Junction

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