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Romney, Ryan can stop slide

September 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The lack of knowledge Guy Indovina displayed in his letter "No Empathy from Romney (Sept. 16)," shows what's really wrong with our society today - personal attacks against Gov. Mitt Romney that are false.

Speak on truthful policy differences, that's fine. President Barack Obama's policies are against our Constitution and what the Founding Fathers laid out for a free society.

It's not Obama's fault. He was raised by communist grandparents and mentored by a communist. He has surrounded himself by like-minded advisers in and out of the White House. Romney was raised in a Christian home with Christian values. He gave his inheritance to charity. He continued in his personal and professional life the values learned at home. If one wants to research his private life, you will find a man who loves and serves his fellow man, no matter how wealthy he became. His goal, along with his Christian vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, is to pull our country back from the brink of a socialist disaster.

Mitt did start at the bottom with his bride and they worked their way to success. Do your research, stop listening to Media Matters or or, regrettably, to NBC. Both parties are to blame for the financial mess we are in, but Romney and Ryan have the experience and devotion to the constitution to stop the slide.

Diane H. Madden


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