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Obama needs four more years

September 2, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Don't be conned by the Republicans, they are good at that. They're good at putting the spin on everything to make them look good. They're good at making a yes a no, a no a yes and a true a false and a false a true.

When they answer a question with a question, they just don't want to tell the truth. They will cherry-pick President Barack Obama's speeches and make it sound like he is saying something different.

Listen to both sides, follow up on what they say, read between the lines and see what the truth is. Listen to what the Republicans used to say but don't say anymore. Like when they say the money will trickle down - it never did and they don't ever say that word anymore. They never use the word entitlement or privatize anymore, and there are many others. It didn't work before, so they will change the wording.

You must vote for the middle class worker to raise the minimum wage - it should be $10.55 an hour.

Obama needs four more years to get things done for the middle class. Maybe the Republican Congress will listen and try to get along and help create jobs instead of saying no.

Remember, people on Social Security already took pay cuts. Remember, Obamacare is good for the middle class, even more than you think.

Republicans don't like it because they can't make any money off of it. We must all go out and vote - if you don't vote, you can't have an opinion.

Vote your interest - you may need something to fall back on. Remember, only you can stop a Romney-Ryan forest fire. They only want to make more millions, we only want to keep our heads above water. We also would like to be a millionaire. If we never make that million, we must vote for our children, grandchildren and their children. You could be hurt on the job, at home or in a car accident - a health problem can happen at any age.

You may need something to fall back on. If you don't have something to fall back on, you may be living under a bridge somewhere.

No one will care except a Democrat. They are for the middle class.

Lee McFadden


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