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Equipment will help police in Toronto

August 25, 2012
The Herald-Star

The recent acquisition by City Police of a license plate reader is yet another step in the right direction for the Toronto Police department.

The system, which includes two cameras mounted to the back of a cruiser and a software program loaded into the car's mobile computer, automatically scans the license plates of every vehicle near the cruiser, according to Patrolman Tony Porreca.

The technology of the device is staggering, as it catalogs the time, date and location of every vehicle the cruiser passes. The advantages of having such a system for law enforcement is easy to see in this day and age of rampant crime.

The system acts as another set of eyes in the cruiser, according to Porreca. The system even takes photos of passing vehicles using an infrared beam from the camera to read the plates.

The system captures data and can read license plates on any vehicle moving from zero to 140 miles per hour, day or night and in any kind of weather, Porreca has said.

Porreca also has assured citizens the system isn't meant to catch speeders or be big brother but to aid in law enforcement duties that might be dangerous to officers, such as pulling over an unknown individual wanted for criminal activity. The license plate reader also might be of assistance in searching for possible kidnap victims or discovering suspicious vehicles were in the vicinity of where a crime has been committed.

The recent acquisitions were made without costing the taxpayers of Toronto one thin dime, and were made available through federal grants.

We believe the recent upgrades in technology will make Toronto a better place to live.

We commend the City Police for taking a pro-active direction when it comes to bettering their department and enabling officers to fight crime.

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