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America gets weaker and weaker

August 26, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

America is about freedom. That's the one thing that has always encouraged people to come to America.

But it seems like more and more of your rights get taken away as soon as someone shouts "offended."

I think it's disgusting when someone has the right to pull a cross off a building because they are offended. I always have the right to look another way when I get bothered by something, but I shouldn't ever have the right to come and take someone else's rights away.

That isn't what America is about now. But if we keep letting things like this happen, who knows what this country will be one day.

We've let them take away the privilege of prayer in school, the Ten Commandments on a public wall and then something like this.

We keep allowing these freedoms to be taken away to suit others, and soon enough a freedom that is very important to you will be taken from you.

If I went to another country to live and got offended at its ways and told them to change them for me, they would laugh in my face because most countries are pretty strong in their ways and aren't going to change them for anyone.

It seems like America gets weaker and weaker.

God bless you all.

Shanna Reed


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