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Stallion roams Death Valley

August 25, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

In the heart of Death Valley roams a great stallion. A cemetery-like pasture is his home. The wind blows, leaves start to fall and sudden darkness sets in. A tombstone falls over while the ground shakes. The stallion is troubled, focused on that overturned stone, which happens to be the resting place and grandfather of Big Red. The stallion walks over and sees a mysterious sight. The vault is open. Stunned, Big Red backs up, disturbed, and bumps into something. He turns to see what it is. Full of awe, towering over Big Red is the mightiest stallion ever recorded, the only stallion to defeat big bully tiger and Paul Brown. A tattoo shines in the moonlight on the once-powerful arms of the senior Big Red. It reads: No dust on these bones.

A lightning storm blows in with a haunting, howling wind chasing the young stallion back to the stables. Bedded down, watching the storm, Big Red ponders what he saw. With the glare of the lightning on the face of Big Red, he waits for the storm to pass. After the storm, Big Red heads out with a ghostly gallop and now approaches the legendary gravesite. The stone is back in place. Red and black roses line this grave site. Big Red notices a folder at the foot of the great stone. It's heading reads "Friday, Sept. 21 battle plan." Inside there are only two words - no mercy.

Big Red now knows his mission and accepts these words as his attitude toward all foes.

Five weeks have now passed. The tiger is ready to defend his Paul Brown forest. Suddenly, a strange wind blows, tree limbs start to fall to the ground, cracking and thumping noises give the big cat cold chills. That awe-filled, eerie music echoes in the ears of the tiger - bong, bong, bong. Then a shadow covers the great cat. Turning slowly to face a ghastly sight, the stallion has his undertaker battle face on. Quickly, the stallion strikes the great cat in the chops with brass-knuckle-like horseshoes. The tiger gets up, looks at the clock and sees time has expired.

A message is posed on the locker of the big bully tiger. It's from Big Red. This is what it said - "I decided to bring my bogeymen offense, which you did not want to see. I had no mercy on you, as I was victorious here tonight - the first time in 50 years."

Don Carnahan


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