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Good news comes from bad incident

August 26, 2012
By LESLIE LETUSICK - Copy editor ( , The Herald-Star

I mentioned a few weeks back about losing my dear, old friend and said it was a story for a later time. Well, it's later and what better time than now.

January of 2008 brought about the loss of my old friend, the end of my reliable Chevy Cavalier.

I was on my way to my job when I slid on some ice not even 2 miles from my house. I lost control of the car. The right side bounced off the embankment deploying the right airbag. That threw me across the road into the guard rail, hitting my left side and deploying that airbag. I was unharmed.

Thank goodness the car was drivable. I drove down the road to the nearest house for help. As soon as I shut off the engine, something shorted, and the horn went off. It continued to beep until the nice man that I had awakened disarmed it. The gentleman allowed me to use his phone to call home. Thankfully, my husband was there sleeping having just come off midnight shift.

I did the usual stuff like call the insurance company and my family and of course, my place of employment to tell them I would not be coming. Once the insurance adjuster came out, he said because both airbags had deployed, the car wasn't worth fixing. Bye, bye, old friend.

The insurance company was nice enough to give me a loaner for a few days until we were able to purchase a new car from my aunt and uncle, who were nice enough to cut us a great deal on their car.

The day after the accident I was experiencing some trouble with my vision. My mom, who also is a nurse, told me she was coming to my place of employment to take me to the emergency room. My husband met us there.

They checked me in and did the usual stuff they do when you enter the ER. My step-father, who is a doctor, happened to be in the ER when we arrived. That made things go a little faster for me. I was taken into an exam room while I waited to have a CAT scan of my head to check for a concussion. Within the hour, my husband and I were escorted to a waiting room. From there, I was taken to have the scan. Turns out, the technician wanted to wait until my labs came back before she'd do the test. So back to the waiting room I went.

I sat there with my husband for maybe 10 minutes when the nurse came to take me back to the ER room where we had left my mom waiting. This confused both my husband and me. What was going on?

Just as the nurse was breaking this to me, my step-father appeared.

"You're pregnant," he said.


I was shocked. My husband's face went white. Sure, we had planned for this but never expected it to happen so fast. The cool thing was that my step-father got to tell me the news.

Needless to say, I didn't get to have the scan. They told me to treat it like a concussion and sent me on my way.

Despite the fact that my car was totaled, I had some good news to tell people.

I bet you are sitting there wondering why I am telling you this story almost five years after the fact?

For one thing, I said before that I would share the tale of the loss of my reliable friend.

Another thing is because I have some good news to share again. My family will be growing by two feet in February.

I am just thankful that I didn't have to total another car to find out about this one.

(Letusick, a resident of Rayland, is a copy editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times.)

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