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Is this the image the city wants?

August 5, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I do not understand the complete insensitivity and close-mindedness of many of your readers, especially the co-called Christian ones. When any governmental entity puts a religious symbol on its logo, letterhead, flag etc., it amounts to an endorsement, regardless of the intention. What is so hard to understand about the constitutional mandate that government shall not endorse any religion? We were founded as a tolerant nation, a diverse nation; not a religious one.

If the Steubenville city logo had a Kmart sign in it, would other businesses be upset? If it had a symbol of Big Red in it, would residents whose children go to Indian Creek High School or Catholic Central High School be upset? Religion is a personal choice and experience, not a governmental one. Keeping religion out of government shows tolerance, diversity and sensitivity to a pluralistically open culture. Insisting on religious symbols in the governmental sphere is very reminiscent of Islamic theocracies in Middle East ... is that the image that Steubenville wants?

Dan Herron

Oxford, Ohio

(Editor's note: The writer is a Steubenville native and a 1971 graduate of Steubenville High School.)

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