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Toronto’s pathway good for our area

July 7, 2012
The Herald-Star

Toronto's new hiking and biking pathway - a project spearheaded by a partnership between the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization and the city - will include two pathways, including one running the length of River Avenue. The other pathway meanders through the city, giving those using the trail a wonderful view of the Gem City.

River Avenue is a fabulous and inspired choice for a pathway. Scenic views of the river along with the flat surface and historic homes make for a most satisfying walking and biking experience.

Toronto has many advantages and spots to view that many in the city may take for granted, but there is no end to the many scenic vistas Toronto has to offer, from Newburg Landing Park to the picturesque downtown area. The establishment of the pathway also gives residents and visitors a reason and opportunity to practice a healthy lifestyle through walking and biking. Both are low-impact ways to exercise, and the topography of the city, from hills to long stretches of flat surfaces, make Toronto one of the friendliest municipalities around for both activities.

The pathway also makes economic sense as well. Those coming to the city to enjoy a bike ride also will eat at local restaurants and hopefully shop as well. The project is a win-win in that it gives locals a chance to see their city at a leisurely pace instead of quickly driving past what they may take for granted.

Visitors learn about the Gem City and all it has to offer. We believe any project that benefits the city's image, promotes a healthy lifestyle and brings visitors to the city is a good bet. We congratulate the committee that pushed for the pathway on seeing their dream realized, and we also commend the city for taking the proposal seriously.

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