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Obama imposing dream on America

July 1, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

It is the anti-colonial ideology of his African father that President Barack Obama took to heart. From a very young age and throughout his formative years, Obama learned to see America as a force for global domination and destruction. He came to view America's military as an instrument of neocolonial occupation. He adopted his father's position that the free market is a code word for economic plunder. Obama grew to perceive the rich as an oppressive class, a kind of neocolonial power within America. He began to detest corporations as institutional mechanisms for economic control and exploitation. In Obama's worldview, profits are a measure of how effectively you have ripped off the rest of society, and America's power in the world is a measure of how selfishly it consumes the globe's resources and how ruthlessly it bullies and dominates the rest of the planet.

For Obama, the task ahead is simple: he must work to wring the neocolonialism out of America and the West. First, he must reign in the military so that it does not conduct wars of occupation against other countries. Another objective for Obama is to bring the powerful sectors of American industry, such as investment banks and health care, under government supervision and control. Finally, Obama seeks to castigate and expose the rich, who are viewed by him as a neocolonial force within American society, so that they cease to be exploiters of the rest of the population.

It may seem shocking to suggest that this is Obama's core ideology, and that he believes it still. Still, Obama's anti-colonialism is deeply felt, and it suffuses his writings and speeches. In fact, it is the moral and intellectual foundation of his ideology. In a sense, I am saying nothing more than what Obama himself says: that his father's dream has become his dream. It is a dream that, as president, he is imposing with a vengeance on America and the world - to the detriment of all liberty-loving people.

Robert Yost


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