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Just looking for consistency

July 1, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

How is it that people are not consistent in their actions? Why can't a person be vigilant in seeking justice and be just as vigilant in seeking to spread charity and peace?

I have addressed the council, mayor and other city department representatives numerous times.

With many residents of Steubenville, and many people who come from outside city limits, we have "marched for peace and love," rejecting any premise that fosters violence and hatred.

This rejection of violence must be consistent. In rejecting violence we assert community, peace and solidarity. With peace, specifically, we must be consistent in actualizing it within and through our lives.

In addressing our local officials I have suggested that we, as a city, publicly reject the destruction of our world and work to help everyone obtain and keep "pure air and water health and safety," and all "conditions conducive to human growth," as would be consistent with Steubenville's 10-year plan.

I'm looking for consistency in peace, solidarity, justice and love.

I could not find it at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

I cannot find it in Steubenville or at the office of the Jefferson County commissioners.

Can you tell me which politician has many acres that they are waiting to cash in on through a lease with an oil or gas company? Is it the one who appears to be an ardent supporter of the industry?

I hope to spread a message of progress and prosperity for everyone, for generations to come. A holy man once said, "If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation." Another one asked us to work for justice if we want peace. I suppose empty wallets speak louder than citizens in agony.

Keith Michael Estrada


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