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Negative attitudes don’t get it

June 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am not a pessimist by any stretch, but the current leadership in the nation is anything but a happy one. The fact that a recent report card on the Congress shows that its members read at a high school sophomore level is anything but encouraging. In fact, it is very discouraging.

Remember, these people are making decisions daily that affect our lives, and this is the level of intelligence we are sending to Congress. It does nothing for confidence, and I'm sure nothing for yours, also.

It only goes to prove the fact that there has been a dumbing down of America. Patience is not one of our virtues, and this has been brought on by our addiction to television and the idea that every problem can be solved in a half hour or, at most, one hour. Instant solutions do not happen in real life, and people need to realize this. The current problems did not occur overnight and will not be solved for some time to come, regardless of who says what.

There is a need for balance, and this is not happening. The tea party people were sent to Congress with only one idea - to obstruct as much progress as possible and protect the wealthy. Tell me, is this an intelligent solution to our problems?

This indicates to me how little intelligent thought went into the votes of these people to elect this type of congressman. A negative attitude does not get it, and that is what these tea people project in order to somehow destroy President Barack Obama.

I don't agree with all of his policies, but that is part of the democratic system. A totally negative view is not a sign of intelligent thought and, simply, for the most part reflects a bias to Obama based on race.

Don't be duped by the TV ads and claims whatever they be - read and think for yourself.

We must allow Obama to try and bring about the recovery he has worked on. We need to give him help in Congress and elect people like Charlie Wilson to give him a hand in this operation.

Vote with your brain, and don't let the extreme right-wing propaganda sway you. Remember, negativity will not bring any good. We must think positive.

Guy Indovina


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