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Don’t look to the past

June 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Do most people realize that the top richest 10 percent own 90 percent of the assets in this country? Do they understand that 24 percent of our children and grandchildren live in poverty? Do they realize that 10 percent of the children who live in poverty go to bed hungry? Do they know that single, head-of-family women earn 30 percent less than men who do the same job? Is all this fair? Do you care, or is skin color more important?

We are at the turning point in this country. We've been tricked into voting on issues that have nothing to do with fairness or justice, and are willing to be led blindfolded into circumstances that will destroy our future. What are we doing to ourselves?

How have we been convinced that only tax breaks for the rich will heal our economy? Why do some believe that we should work for minimum wage, or slightly above, and be happy to do so without health care - forget about a retirement plan - and live in substandard housing? Is this the American dream? Do only the richest among us deserve to be well paid, well fed and have a bright future? If you had a job three years ago that paid $60,000 a year, and you now work for $24,000 a year, will you be satisfied with that until you're 65, and then find out that Social Security and Medicare have been dissolved? Will you vote for those who want to do this to you? No?

Then look at the past. Those who want to keep you under their heel are running for office again, with a new list of promises that is as empty as their results were when they were elected the first time. Do we dare return to the past? They've done nothing to help turn things around, and their only purpose in office has been to stop any legislation that would revive the economy. They've voted down every jobs bill that was proposed, but blame President Barack Obama for the lack of progress. The Republicans in both houses of Congress have done nothing but obstruct for the last three-and-a-half years. That's Obama's fault? Remember, Congress writes legislation, and the president either signs or vetoes it based on how it will affect the people of this country.

The Congress of 10 years ago raised the national debt by 86 percent, yet they'll tell you the debt is the fault of the sitting president. Pure political hogwash, the same garbage we were fed in the last term of George W. Bush.

Don't forget, Mitt Romney is famous for letting businesses go bankrupt, then stuffing his pockets with pension fund money - and health care dollars - and then depositing that money in tax-free banks in other countries. Is this the great business leader you want as president? Be careful what you ask for.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction

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