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Questions of leadership

June 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Want to lower our national debt? Make President Barack Obama put a dollar in a jar every time he says "pay their fair share," "level playing field" and "not my fault." There are more leaks in his administration than there were on the Titanic. On June 8, he said there are no leaks in his White House. Hey, it's not your White House, it's the peoples'. You're just a guest, with an eviction notice on the door. What an egotistical remark.

"Obuma" put incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder on the case. I have all the confidence in the world that the perpetrators will be found. Holder's doing a sterling job finding out about fast and furious. Poor guy couldn't find a hamburger in McDonald's. America has bums supporting bums at high levels and thinks we the people are stupid. See any letters lately praising the president from our local liberal amigo illuminati?

He hates Wall Street, but when the market goes up he takes credit and solicits donations from those no-good elitists. He states Romney has no idea what's happening in America, but our celebrity president hangs with multimillionaire Hollow-wood types and eats at their homes. Then he has the nerve to say other people are out of touch? The president states he needs a second term to re-do Obamacare - doesn't this tell us something.

He claims he created thousands upon thousands of green jobs. Congress asked green czar how they determine what a green job is. Dig this, a school bus driver driving for 20 years is considered a new green job position if the school starts using bio fuel in the bus. Hiring a kid in a record store selling non petroleum-based tapes is a green job. Boy, they think Americans are really dumb.

Did you read Charlie Wilson's guest column in the Herald-Star on June 10 ("Candidate looking forward to debate on issues")? Where did he get his "figures" from? He talks about moral responsibility, he should be a stand-up comic. Wait a minute, he was when he was in Congress. He brags he took great pride voting independently in Congress, but was in lockstep with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I watched MSNBC the night of Wisconsin's recall election. I never laughed so much in years. I thought I was viewing the comedy channel. Watching those so-called political pundits and commentators make excuses why Gov. Scott Walker won by a larger margin than when he beat his opponent the first time in 2010 was really pitiful. Al Sharpton babbled as he usually does. Ed Schultz, host of "The Ed Show" - didn't he have a show in the 1960s called "Mr. Ed?" - with 80 percent of the vote in, said the race was called in favor of Walker, but said Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch was squeaking by with a lead of 190,000 votes. Squeaking by? These liberal hosts, as liberals everywhere, are traumatized that their beloved unions were brutalized.

Don't worry, as the president says, "Private sector jobs are doing well."

Barry Bardone


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