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Dusty road best avoided

June 23, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

We here at Seven Creeks Road in Island Creeks Township want to thank those of you who have paid attention to our signs and stopped using our road due to the excessive dust.

Since the floods of three and four years ago, when the creek washed around the undersized box culverts and down the roads removing the years of accumulated chip and seal, the township, under a tight financial budget, has tried various types of dust control, but the mill slag that is used has proved impervious to all of them and continues to be a major dust hazard. It tends to crumble into a fine dust each time someone drives over it.

The township recently patched the potholes and the road is now fairly smooth and OK for biking and walking; however, we ask, unless you are local or traffic to the roadside spring, please do not drive on the road with cars, trucks or quads when it is hot, dry and dusty. Thanks

Tom Galownia

Island Creek Township

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