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Crazy talk in some letters

June 17, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

You miscreant, idiotic, buffoonish, misogynistic, bigoted, histrionic, moronic, hypocrite. What makes some writers think that a series of name-calling, insulting epithets is a construct that lends itself to convincing anyone of anything?

Now that the simple-minded portion of this letter is complete, here are the substantial facts. Anyone who believes that the president was born anywhere other than Hawaii, including "the Donald" Trump, is nothing more than a half-wit. I'm sorry - calling these people half-wits leaves the implication that they possess some fraction of wit. This is not the case.

One of these tea-bag writers seems to be claiming that he is able to read the president's mind. "His hardest decision wasn't to kill bin Laden, but choosing the Final Four in college basketball." What an earth-shaking revelation.

You teabaggers must be so proud. Mitt Romney and Trump together again. Egocentric, silver-spoon severe conservatives unite under the banner of flip-floppiness and egomaniacal, self-promoting rich boys. Birthers and birth-rights mingle in a never-ending cycle of not-so-true love. Remaining rich is not the most difficult accomplishment in this world, but getting rich is pretty tough.

In a once-shining example of democracy, Republican appointees to the "less-than-Supreme Court" have enshrined the notions that the wealthy can somehow purchase as much free speech as they can afford and that corporations are now people. What greater reasoning could anyone require to vote for the president who criticized them to their faces and will nominate future justices to what should be the most ethical jurisdiction in our country? This "not-so-Supreme Court" has now made it possible for the morally challenged governor of Wisconsin to spend upward of 20 times his opposition in order to buy his office. My question to America is, is this the way that you want your country? Government sold to the highest bidder? Should we now have auctions replace elections?

Returning to the teabagger scribes, it was written that "Obuma advocating the destruction of America," "apology tour," he has all the liberal believers, big labor, blacks, all who get some sort of government checks (illegally) and now the gay community." These are only a small sample of what passes for mature political discourse among those inflicted with the disease of intractable hatred for our president. There is no factual support for any of the ludicrous above-mentioned claims, but don't allow the facts to cure your "Obama derangement syndrome."

And no, amigo, I can only speak for myself, but I do not demand that the Herald-Star or The Weirton Daily Times not print your drivel. I believe that free speech should not cost money and that independents should be allowed to read just how crazy your side is.

Adios, el ninos.

Bob Atkinson


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