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Volunteers honored during school banquet

May 30, 2012
By MARK J. MILLER - Staff writer , The Herald-Star

TORONTO - Volunteers assisting the city school district were hailed for their efforts during an appreciation banquet held in their honor on May 15 at Karaffa Elementary School.

The district hailed 186 volunteers who have assisted the school district in some way - from parents to neighbors to grandmothers of students and pupils, according to Maureen Taggart, communications coordinator.

"The purpose of the dinner was to recognize all our volunteers who have helped throughout the year," said Taggart. "This is the first time we've held an event to honor our volunteers on a district level.

"We had a fantastic turnout," Taggart continued. "We had 95 people join us that evening to be recognized. Basically, we just wanted them to have an evening where they could enjoy each other's company. The theme for the banquet was 'Our Volunteers are Our Brightest Stars.'"

Taggart said she was impressed with the turnout, especially during a busy time of year. She added Fred Burns, city superintendent, also thanked volunteers for their time.

"(Burns) gave a speech on how hard our volunteers worked each year," Taggart said, adding the tables were decorated with stars as part of the theme. "We also gave a favor to each person.

"We wanted to encourage people to come," continued Taggart. "Some people are very humble. We didn't ask them to do a thing. We just wanted them to feel taken care of."

Those honored included Amanda Stewart, Amanda Tanfield, Amber Connor, Amy Black, Amy Jo Barcus, Amy Rice, Amy Trifonoff, Andrea Rebich, Anita Argentine, Ara Bozica, Ashley Daugherty, Ashley Platko, Brandi Radvansky, Bryant Bigler, Camille Miller, Kathy Vantilberg, Char Reidy, Cheri Masters, Cheryl Clapham, Cheryl King, Cindy Hinerman, Dana Rex, Danielle Dobbs, Darcy Henry, Dawn Miller, Dee Dee Anderson, Dylan King, Erica Lowther, Erica Risler,Heather Keenan, Jackie Myers, Jean Hanlin, Jennifer Dickinson, Jennifer Henry, Jennifer Karaffa , Jennifer Liddick, Jennifer Matyas, Jessica Littlejohn, Jill Fisher, Joy Daugherty, Karen McAdoo, Kasey Reeves, Katie Long, Kim Kelley, Kim Yoder, Kitch Lewis, Krista Boley, Lisa Crago, Clark Crago, Lisa McFadden, Lori Nurczyk, Matt Nurczyk, Lynn Price, Mahryeian Wiley, Marilyn Thomas, Mary Beth Firm, Mary Stratton, Dan Robins, Maureen Robins,Ginny Merideth, Nancy Lewis, Nicole Walker, Nikki Wright, Pat Burns, Peg Fulton, Raelyn Brown, Rhea Vujanovich, Robin Crouch, Sarah Nett, Stephanie Dobler, Tammi Suffoletta, Tammy Chadwick, Tanya Porreca, Terri Bova, Tresa Ward, Charlie Ward, Charlyn Ward, Theresa Cooper, Trisha Heaton, Ellen Hughes, Linda Antonucci, Becky Kovach, Lisa Byers, Rachael Scott, Bobbie Hood, Candy Maynard, Willie Maynard, Carolyn Owen, Beth Swick, Debbie Griffith, Mike Obertance, Aaron Sapp, Amy Carter, Amy Elson, Amy Martaus, Andy Reeves, Bill Haynes, Bill Yasho, Bob Straka, Brenda Lucas, Brian Perkins, Charlene Haber, Chris Clarke, Christina Brown, Cindy Hritz, Cody Sutton, Crystal McNutt, Dave Pierce, Cheryl Pierce, Dee Taggart, Deneal Burkey, Dr. Thomas Graham, Earl Tuttle, Ed Yanik, Lorie Yanik, Ed Hosey, Jane Melville, JoLynn Wojtas, Judy McCart, Julie Ault, Julie Stovarsky, Karen Horne, Kathy Meadows, Kim Coburn, Kirk George, Sally George, Kristen Willet, LaDawn Firm, Lance Angle, Lance Winstel, Larry Glenn, Linda Glenn, Larry Fogle, Larry Sapp, LeeAnne Chociej, Leslie Robins, Linda Burkey, Linda Moore, Jessica Moore, Matt Moore, Loreen Kuntz, Lori Sestito, Lynne Donohue, Mallory Blanton, Mark McCart, Mary Beth Takacs, Mary Owens, Michelle Price, Michelle Taylor, Mike Roche, Paula Roche, Mindy Jones, Misty Phelps, Tammy Beswick, Ben Beswick, Debbie Zdinak, Dan Zdinak, Robin Leasure, David Leasure, Dennis Galaszewski, Linda Galaszewski, Maureen Taggart, Fred Taggart, Erin Dunlope, Jeff Dunlope, Amy Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Carolyn Rodesh, John Rodesh, Sue Davidson, Larry Davidson, Karen Bigler, Mark Bigler, Lisa Bauman, Mike Bauman, Martha McDiffitt, Mike McDiffitt, Donna Henry, Randy Henry, Amanda Coburn, Rich Coburn, Lisa Hlivko, Rick Hlivko, Jay Foster, Amy Smith, Beth Cooper, Nancy Elson, Norm Winstel, the Rev. Raul Diaz, Rebecca Ford, Patty Ford, Rebecca Weaver, Rishauna Harrison, Rose Miller, Ruth Blanton, Ruth Stansbury, Sharon Forcone, Sheila Brown, Steve Sninchak, Susan Schaming, Terri Horne, Terry Scalley, Tiffany Bowman, Lino Tizziani, Bridget McLamara, Tim Eckard, Tim Ighnat, Tim Starr, Timmi Roberts, Tom Horne, Matt Horne, Tom Forcone, Toni Calabrese, Vicki Chadwick, Virginia Myers, Virginia Stimpert, Yvonne McVicker, Greg Herrick, John Ramer, Bird McGrath, Kent Ault and Cheryl Vukelic.

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