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Day of Prayer a chance to reflect

May 2, 2012
The Herald-Star

Local residents will observe the annual National Day of Prayer on Thursday - the 20th anniversary of Jefferson County's celebration of the event.

And despite a federal district court ruling in the past, thankfully no one has stepped forward to stop Americans from observing a National Day of Prayer.

This year's service once again will be held at noon at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Steubenville.

Just as has been the case with presidents since President Harry Truman, President Barack Obama has issued a proclamation of a National Day of Prayer.

The day is a good chance to simply say thanks, as one nation, under God.

It's a day to respect all people, acknowledge and encourage faith and recognize there is something bigger than all of us at work in this life.

A bill was passed in 1952 establishing the day, and a national committee began work in 1974. Local committees have taken up the cause and offer the time and place and speakers who provide the inspirational stories, lead the prayers and offer thanks.

It's a time to offer thanks for what's good in our communities and pray for genuine solutions to the things that need work, from budgetary disagreements to the poor and downtrodden, from misuses of power to wars.

We also believe we should pray for the United State of America. With God, all things are possible. It's bad enough that there are continued attempts to outlaw God in the United States through the court system. It's far worse when those attempts feed the polarized political frenzy into making people believe their government is cracking down on religion. It's not.

There are plenty of other reasons to fear government, to disagree with the Obama administration or its opponents, but creating more fear because of a polarized atmosphere is part of the problem.

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