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Double standard at work here?

February 26, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Voted for Obuma to prove you weren't a racist? This time vote for anyone else to prove you're not an idiot.

Students, nuns and priests from a Catholic girls school were peacefully demonstrating by singing hymns across from a Planned Parenthood murder mill. They were set upon by a mob of looney-toons and were pelted with condoms and religious slurs. You did not read or see this on the liberal news. It's OK to do this to Christians, but throw a pork chop at a Muslim and you'll be arrested for a hate crime. Double standard?

Since when is pregnancy a disease? That's Obuma's view. Contraceptives are a woman's right. Sure they are, but it's my right not to pay for them. The adage "you want to play, you pay" is apropos. I love these people who advocate abortion and contraceptives as Ruth Casey in her letter of Feb. 12 ("Contraception makes life better.") She rants about life is better with contraception then invokes, "For the love of God" in the letter. The writer wants her cake and eat it too. I find it humorous that those who protest babies, support abortions, etc., have themselves already been born.

It's the first time in U.S. history that entitlements for 67 million citizens, oops sorry, I mean people living in the United States, ($32,748) are more than average disposable income of wage earners, ($32,446). Gee, think Obuma sees votes here? I'd vote for the bum myself, wouldn't you? Yeah, quit school, stay home eating bon-bons, have out-of-wedlock children, claim substance abuse, don't look for a job because you may have to start at the bottom and listen to Obuma's Utopian plans. Nice work if you can get it - millions already are working this. Obuma himself said there's $100s of billions in fraud in the system. Then why doesn't he clean it up. Votes.

Obuma wants a level playing field. He overcame racism, poverty, a negligent father, one-parent home, religious confusion and became president. Why can't others do the same? Or did he have some special assistance along the way? Obuma, like Casey, wants his cake and eat it, too. How brilliant is this guy? In January 2009 he said "I'll cut deficit by half in first term." He increased it by $6 trillion. Guess he scratched math class for Saul Alinsky 101. Here's another great math example. His jobs czar Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, sent 10,000 more jobs to China, saying it was too expensive to stay in Wisconsin. Maybe unions have something to do with that expense?

In Nevada on Jan. 26, Obuma was preaching green energy and up the road from his stump one of his pet companies announced it was laying off 200 employees. His Chevy Volt sold 602 vehicles in January. Now the $40,000 car has tax credit increased to $10,000 and increased its mileage. But watch their commercials, they don't say to what, only improved mileage. Yeah, improved from 25 miles to 35 miles a charge. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Barry Bardone


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